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Sacrificing for the Greater Good

Sacrificing for the Greater Good

I think many people believe that our society has gotten so complex, with so many people, and so much need for consumption of natural resources in order to be comfortable, that what the government is forcing on us now is required to survive.

This includes all the control, restrictions, forced vaccines, lockdowns, censorship of free speech, 15-minute cities, and a myriad of other restrictions and mandates. This belief is inanely stupid, but stupid is as stupid does. What can ‘ya say?

Hey, I’m really tired of pussy footing around all this garbage. I’m now calling a spade a spade and forgetting about being polite or politically correct. These people who believe this charade are destroying our lives, as well as destroying humanity itself.

I don’t wish harm to them (well, to the perpetrators I wish justice) but I am done trying to be nice about all this. Hear me, you damn SHEEP! Step up to the plate and do what your God-given brain was designed to do. Stop slobbering at the feet of mommy medicine and daddy dictator and take your life back. Enough is enough.

Whew. I’m glad I got that out.

I’ve been reading a lot of Patrick Wood lately, check him out if you haven’t already. I seem to be a bit slow to the draw with this stuff and often am the last to discover something that most of you have known about for decades.

Wood pulls us way up for the bird’s eye view of all of this, which is very helpful for me in order to get a better perspective. Of course, I’ve known about the effort at global centrist government from the Klaus Schwab perspective but wasn’t really aware of the beginnings of all of this with the Trilateral Commission founded by our dear friend David Rockefeller and his buddies Zbigniew Brzezinski and Jimmy Carter (who woulda thunk?) in the ‘70s. And of course, quite a bit was going on even before that date. The UN’s utopian/dystopian Sustainable Development goals, which include the smart city initiatives, Agenda 21, and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, was not something I was even aware of until relatively recently (2022 or so).

What is clear, in a broad general way, is the underlying carrot/stick approach to all of this. The carrot has been dangling around for decades, and we are just now beginning to get a teeny piece of the stick. Really good shrews (which I am not, my nose is clearly not long enough) knew what was going on since day one. Short nosed shrews, like me, need a bit of the stick to start to really figure it out. Sheep apparently need to be whacked silly before they will even notice. And the serious whacking has not yet begun.

Wood speaks of Antony Sutton, an early very long nosed shrew, who came up with “Sutton’s Paradox” (actually Wood may have come up with the adage that fits Sutton’s work and views). “The degree of personal response is inversely proportional to the length of time to personal pain.” This should be renamed, “The Sheep’s Credo.” The sheep are feeling very little of the stick these current days.

All of this looks absolutely wonderful to them. They are first told of the planet dying due to climate change (and of course, we are all at fault), they are clearly aware of poverty, racism, human rights and women rights violations around the world, and of course the dangers of disease, viruses, and pandemics. Then they are told their GloboCap organizations such as the UN, the WEF, and the WHO are out there to keep them safe and happy.

Just look at the 17 Sustainable Development goals. Who would argue that these are wonderful targets for a better world? End poverty, end hunger, foster gender equality, clean water for everyone—you would have to be a pretty cold not to agree the world would be a better place if these goals were achieved. What a nice fat juicy carrot. The first sign of the stick is realizing these carrot goals are a bit too wonderful. Sounds a trifle utopian to me, eh? And we all know, at least those of us with a brain aged older than 10 in its mental capacity—utopia = dystopia.

So, what’s the problem? If you have an idealistic sort of mind, why not pursue these lofty objectives? First of all, the folks heading up all of this have brains older than a 10-year-old. They know this is all bunk. They know it is carrot material, and the whole point is to get all of us “7-year-old mental equivalents” to come on board with it and bleat out, “tell me, tell me, what can I do to help? Tell me what I need to do, please, please, please, I want all of these things too!”

The answer? You tell me. You’ve heard it, “minimize your carbon footprint, buy electric cars, eat bugs, don’t travel so much, live in smart cities, take vaccines we don’t know dick about, recycle, pack it up and die, or commit suicide…” On and on and on. And that is just the beginning.

The problem here is first the unrealistic goals, that should be the first clue. But even if the goals were realistic, it is the manner in which all this is being carried out that presents the bigger problem. The goals are a ruse, a carrot, because the real goal is at the very least to create a central, unelected, unrepresentative, technocratic world government that will ultimately control every single aspect of our lives—including creating a synthetic body. And not to our benefit either, it will be a world created just for a very small elite group that is in control of every minutiae of life on the planet. This is only the beginning and can get pretty weird if you delve into all this, as I know many of you have. I’m not telling you the half of it. And as you descend into this rabbit hole you will start to feel you are in a very macabre science fiction horror film. Yes, it is that bad. It is nearly unimaginable.

“Oh, but we have to save the planet! Shouldn’t we be willing to make sacrifices to do that? Shouldn’t we be willing, for the good of others, to cut back on our consumption, restrict our freedoms, become slaves, er, servants to this system in order to make a better world??”

No. We do not. But it sure seems that way, doesn’t it?

Sure, part of the effectiveness in their game of manipulation comes from the fact that some of the problems the planet is facing regarding pollution, the wanton rape of its resources, starving humans, bad water, and the insane level of consumerism we are experiencing, has foundation in truth. Primarily because this agenda has created that very world—a world that has been in the works, in a conscious and intentional way, for quite some time.

But much of the horrific picture being painted by the agenda is simply not true. And even if it all were true, the way to go about remedying the situation is not how the globalists are proceeding. Their agenda is evil, it is genocidal, not only to humans, but to every living organism on earth, and it is entirely fabricated as a means to obtain control and exploitation over the population of the earth—at least what will be left of it once the first culling operation is completed.

Don’t buy the carrot for a second. The stick is sure to follow. And that stick is a humdinger.


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