Sagittarius Solar Eclipse: Wrapping Up Karmic Lessons
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Sagittarius Solar Eclipse: Wrapping Up Karmic Lessons

December 14, 2020 — A Total Solar Eclipse arrives in Sagittarius on Monday, at 8:16 am Pacific Time, sparking us to wrap up major karmic lessons while catapulting us forward.
Sagittarius Solar Eclipse: Wrapping Up Karmic Lessons

As we close the eclipse vortex, anxiety could arise as we’re met with the lessons of the South Node in Sagittarius and Jupiter, Sagittarius’s rule, in the final degrees of Capricorn.

These transits are pointing out our faulty belief systems and the places where we still have work to do and old issues to resolve.

The key is to find our ground and embrace these last tests and lessons.

They aren’t here to punish us, but to help us move into a much more expanded new phase. In fact, Sagittarius is symbolized by the Archer, who points our arrows toward the horizon, raising our gaze to future possibilities and the bigger picture. He reminds us to be present with the journey and relish in the excitement of the unknown. Forming a harmonious angle to Mars, who is now direct, our forward momentum is emphasized, even as the eclipse falls on the South Node—representing our old habits and habituations. Cheerfulness and optimism are ready to break through, even as we’re still working through the residue of the past and any beliefs that have kept us stagnant and stuck. With Neptune squaring the Lunar Nodes, we may feel lost in confusion or existential despair. Meditation and nature would best serve us now, rather than unhealthy escapism or addiction.

The Universe is calling us to trust our unfolding. We can have faith in the Great Unknown, which is ready to carry us into fresh, electric energies, opening our minds, relationships, and lives in ways we could have never dreamed of. Until then, it’s time to liberate from our misconceptions, about ourselves and the world, courageously admitting that we just don’t know. This can spark excitement and buoyancy, rather than sinking us into fear, as we cling to false narratives. We can step out of the shadows and remember the warm joy of our shared humanity. On this Sagittarius Solar Eclipse, may we find the courage to release limiting beliefs and dynamics, and trust our flow. May we surrender to what’s to come, trusting that it’s brighter and more beautiful than anything we’ve imagined. Your Weekly Dose Of Wellness Receive the latest savings, events, herbal education and 10% Off your first purchase. This article was originally published by Juliana McCarthy on Ethereal Culture. Check out her book: The Stars Within You: A Modern Guide to Astrology Featured Image by Wilhelm Kranz For more than twenty years, Juliana McCarthy has been studying and practicing Western Astrology, finding it to be a powerful tool for self-exploration and examining how we relate to others. She loves working with people to help them understand their authentic selves—their complexities, gifts, karma, and life paths. In particular, she finds Astrology to be helpful for major transitions, unexpected life changes, and for better understanding relationships—romantic and otherwise. Juliana also practices Energy Healing, using a blend of Reiki and shamanic methods. She helps facilitate powerful breakthroughs by clearing blockages around physical, spiritual, relationship, and emotional difficulties. A longtime student of Tibetan Buddhism, she's an avid meditator and spiritual practitioner.

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