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Sen. Dan Sullivan: Tree-Huggers, Lawyers, and CCP Hate My Resolution


Sen. Dan Sullivan: Tree-Huggers, Lawyers, and CCP Hate My Resolution

Dan Sullivan (R-AK) said on Tuesday that the primary opponents of his proposed resolution to rescind an ostensibly environmental Biden administration regulation are “radical environmental groups,” “trial lawyers,” and the “Chinese Communist Party.” Sullivan’s forthcoming resolution — joined by all Republican senators — would rescind a broadening of control the White House granted itself through a reinterpretation of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

The Council on Environmental Quality, a section of the White House, bestowed itself with expanded regulatory power by broadening its scope of discretion in consideration of applications from federal agencies seeking permits for projects in compliance with the NEPA: The revision clarifies that agencies have discretion to consider a variety of factors when assessing an application for an authorization, removing the requirement that an agency base the purpose and need on the goals of an applicant and the agency’s statutory authority.

The Biden administration marketed its self-conferred expansion of power to itself as an “environmental” measure in response to ‘climate change.” Sullivan intends to use the Congressional Review Act — which provides a legislative avenue for Congress to overturn rules issued by federal agencies — to annul the aforementioned expansion of power granted by the Biden administration to itself. “There’s a procedure,” Sullivan explained on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow, “It’s called the Congressional Review Act. It allows Congress to pass a resolution to rescind regulations from the executive branch. It sounds a little bit wonky, but it’s actually a really powerful tool. You might remember we use that a lot during the beginning of the Trump administration to rescind 17 Obama [regulations].” He continued, “The Biden administration, about four months ago, issued a regulation under the National Environmental Policy Act — NEPA — that is clearly going to make the ability to build infrastructure — especially energy infrastructure — much, much harder. So I have filed a resolution to rescind the [regulation].” The Biden administration’s self-granted expansion of discretionary power in reviewing federal agencies’ infrastructure proposals includes an assessment of how such projects would affect “climate change.” “I got all 50 Republicans to support it,” Sullivan said. “I have just a huge group [supporting this]. It’s over 50 groups. Everybody from farmers to the building trades to construction laborers who are supporting me.” Sullivan listed sources of political opposition that are financially invested in expansion of governmental controls — and commensurate suffocation of economic development — under the pretense of “environmental” protection. He remarked, “The only people who are against this resolution to rescind the Biden regulation — that is going to make it harder to build infrastructure — [are] John Kerry, radical environmental groups on each coast, trial lawyers, and ... the Chinese Communist Party.

They love it. It takes ten years to permit a bridge in America. We used to build big things in our great country on time.” “We have so much red tape,” he added. “We can’t build anymore. This is going to be a really important vote, and it’s going to put the Dems to the test. Who do you stand with, the radical far left or the men and women who have built this country?” He concluded, “It only requires 51 senators. All I need is to knock off one Democrat.” Breitbart News Daily broadcasts live on SiriusXM Patriot 125 weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Eastern.

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