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Shanghai & Moderna Sign Medical Research Agreement

Shanghai & Moderna Sign Medical Research Agreement

In yet another blow to the globalist plan for World Domination, last week the government of Shanghai has signed a “strategic cooperation agreement” with US-based pharmaceutical company Moderna.

For anyone living in a cave on Mars for the last couple of years, Moderna are an mRNA-focused research company who produced only the second ever “safe and effective” mRNA vaccine basically just a few days after Pfizer produced the first.

Thanks to Moderna’s rushed and untested “vaccine” – the first product they ever successfully brought to market – over the course of the “pandemic” their stock value increased over 2000%, from $19 per share to $450.

Moderna’s founders were among the 44 new billionaires (totally accidentally) created by Covid.

…and now they get a brand new research centre in Shanghai, along with investment and co-operation from the local government and permission to run human trials using Chinese citizens, according to China Daily:

Moderna, the United States-based pharmaceuticals manufacturer, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with authorities in Shanghai on Wednesday, marking the company’s first investment on the Chinese mainland.

Under the agreement among the Shanghai Commission of Economy and Informatization, the district government of Minhang and Moderna, the parties will collaborate on investment, research and development, production and commercialization in the biomedical sector, it was announced by the Minhang district government on Thursday.

The company’s first investment project on the Chinese mainland will involve setting up an R&D base in Minhang and conducting clinical trials on new medicines to put its products on the market, and produce and sell them in China.

Now, since I’m reliably informed China are some kind of multilateral, anti-globalist 5th columnist who only pretended to go along with the Covid narrative (for as yet unknown reasons), my first thought was that this must be some kind of trick.

Perhaps the Chinese government is simply helping produce Moderna’s products in order to profit from Covid hysteria by selling them to idiotic Western governments, right?

…but, alas, it doesn’t look that way according to the Financial Times:

Any medicines produced under this agreement will be exclusively for the Chinese people — who face many of the same health challenges that affect other communities around the world,” the company said in a statement.

Yes, it seems all the *ahem* “medicine” Moderna produces in China will only be for domestic use. That is to say, for use on Chinese citizens (perhaps at gunpoint or merely under threat of being nailed inside their homes and losing their job. Who knows.)

Don’t worry, I’m sure this is all part of China’s plan to really stick it to Western hegemony while pretending to go along with the fake pandemic and all the other globalist narratives.

We’re reaching levels of 5D chess never before thought possible.


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