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Slow Boil

Slow Boil

Everyone knows by now the analogy often tossed about these days describing a frog in a pot of water on a stove.

The heat is turned up so slowly that the frog has no idea that if he (or she) doesn’t jump out he will be boiled alive.

Seems that most sheep, the normies, are like the frog. The rest of us (for the sake of simplicity I will call the rest of us “shrews”—more on that later!) are doing most of the jumping — or at least trying to.

I don’t know if TPTB (“the powers that be” — need I clarify?) really care about a few jumping frogs, although our shrew numbers are increasing every day and may soon outnumber the sheep! What does seem to be clear is that some of the sheep are waking up and are attempting to jump out of the pot themselves.

It seems quite imperative that the majority of frogs stay in the pot, because if most of them jump out, there will be no dinner for whoever is cooking them.

The shrew frogs are very much aware of the heat being turned up leading to their demise, the sheep frogs still are not quite sure what the hell is happening.

In order to fully know the degree of seriousness regarding the pot and water situation you have to believe that the point of being in the pot to begin with is to be boiled—dead.

Maybe we can still stick with a metaphor here, but possibly not — the intention of the boiling pot could literally be to kill the sleeping frogs contained therein. Or, at the very least, have them completely under the control of TPTB.

Do they need to remain asleep forever?

I can’t actually answer that question, maybe not, but maybe so.

I would think it would be best that they are close to being asleep most of the time. If they wake up too much, they will possibly make too much ruckus. Look at all the totalitarian regimes throughout history, real ones, as well as made-up ones (as in Orwell’s “1984”). Being partially asleep, if not totally asleep, seemed to be a rather important criterion in these regimes.

Most people, historically, living under totalitarian rule are not that aware of the freedoms they have lost, or the dehumanizing power they live under. This control on a large populace was obviously achieved through government lies, confusions, departures from reality executed by the predominant media, censorship and the silencing of opposing voices—on and on.

Us shrews are very familiar with these tactics. The sheep don’t believe they exist, even when their little noses are rubbed in it. These tactics have worked brilliantly for centuries in various contexts. Yes, there have always been thinking, awake, shrews, but they are typically silenced, or eliminated, very quickly.

Sheep do whatever they can to avoid seeing the truth. Obviously they think they see it, and make a lot of noise about what they believe is true and why it is true. In this Covid situation typically the noise they make is about how “unscientific” the shrews are, yet in an argument, you seldom hear sheep talk about actual science.

They just like to rant on about how so and so is stupid, an anti vaxxer, or a science denier, or is publically discredited in various ways, or was kicked off of YouTube so they MUST be an idiot. I have never heard a sheep talk about actual science. Maybe they do, and maybe I’ve heard it, but certainly not often.

So the sheep continue to get cooked. Of course the shrews are cooking too. So far, the jumping shrews are getting just as cooked as the sheep, but they are awake, and feel the pain of the boiling water. And, of course, as much as they jump, they can’t get out of the water. Neither can the sheep, but they don’t seem to care—not yet at least.

TPTB are a bit concerned that there is so much jumping going on in the pot. It is possible that all of the shrews and some sheep might jump around so much the lid pops off and a lot of the frogs get out, which could slow things down—not stop things mind you, but slow them down.

If most of the sheep and shrews got out of the pot because they were all awake, then that could cause a real disruption in the mainstream agenda. But most of the sheep that are hopping are not really awake. They must want to get back to what, in their previous asleep state, seemed normal.

They are tired of Covid — tired of being afraid of it, tired of lockdowns, of restrictions, of inconvenience. They are not awake to the bigger picture like shrews are. In order to be fully awake, a sheep or a shrew has to believe in some rather radical things.

  1. The Government of whatever country you live in is corrupt, and they really don’t care all that much about you, if anything at all.
  2. Big Pharma is corrupt, and although, if profitable, may come up with some stuff that actually helps people, for the most part they will kill you if they can make some dough doing it and keep most everyone asleep so they can keep doing it (turning up the heat).
  3. Most doctors are like privates in a huge powerful army. They follow orders from their generals and “commanders in chief” and they typically do not question them. They get all of their information from specific sources that could, for the above reasons 1 and 2, be wrong. They are NOT, usually, scientists or researchers (although some, on the shrew side, most definitely ARE, but we don’t hear much from them because they are typically silenced (see above.)
  4. Institutions such as hospitals and universities depend so much on funding from the corrupt government and corrupt pharmaceutical companies that they are completely unreliable, if not criminal.
  5. The mainstream media is also for the most part “fake.” The media is mostly owned and otherwise funded by the corrupt pharmaceutical companies, the corrupt government, and whoever else is supporting the power and money agenda.

This is a big pill for sheep to swallow…for anyone to swallow for that matter, but for some mysterious reason shrews, and wanna-be shrews, swallow that pill without even thinking about it.

Why? I don’t know, and this article isn’t going to attempt to figure that out. We just do, and bless us for that.

There are even bigger pills to swallow than the five listed above—the Great Reset, which includes centralization of government and economy, possible eugenics/population reduction, etc.

I won’t go into all that. Most shrews are on board, some are not quite there yet, but some form of “bigger agenda” is at play here beyond just power-hungry rich people.

So where does this leave the pot of boiling frogs? Many say the heat is being turned down. Why? Some say because TPTB believe all the frogs are going to get out and shut the whole shebang down. Some say TPTB are afraid for their own safety, that they could be held accountable, tried by a court, and punished—possibly by hanging from an end of a rope.

Granted, TPTB have great incentive to keep most of the frogs asleep so they can continue to boil them. But, in my humble opinion, they are far from any immediate concern that there are too many rambunctious jumping frogs. They may turn the heat down, but only in effective ways that assure calming the frogs down a bit, while turning it up in other ways that the frogs don’t notice.

We need to continue hopping, and knock that lid off.

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