Solar Eclipse In Virgo: A Shift In Our Duties
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Solar Eclipse In Virgo: A Shift In Our Duties

On September 13th at 6:41 am Universal Time, we will be having a partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo.
Solar Eclipse In Virgo: A Shift In Our Duties

It will be visible only in Southern Africa, parts of Antarctica, and from the ocean in between those continents. In astrology, solar eclipses are associated with shifts and new beginnings in our lives. It is a super-charged New Moon and its effects last the following 6 months. However, the effects are strongest in the month leading up to it and in the month following, but most potent within a week of the eclipse. We usually have 2 of them per year but can have up to 3 in some years. Depending on your specific day and time of birth, the eclipses influence different areas of your life unique to you. Virgo is the sign of work, duty, service, health, and organization. It is associated with discernment, cleanliness, perfectionism, efficiency, and purity.

The Virgo approach to life is analytical, rational, and attentive to whatever needs to be done regarding work and chores, as well as personal maintenance and health. This eclipse is creating shifts and opportunities to move forward in many of the ways mentioned above. For many people it has been building up over the last month, but will be strong over the next month as well. Perhaps there are shifts and circumstances in your life pushing you to be more organized, efficient, and get things done? Or perhaps you have a health condition pushing you to live a more healthy lifestyle? Or something else comes up that pushes you to take a more practical, discerning, and rational approach to life? Mercury will be going retrograde in Libra on September 17th, and Venus (the ruler of Libra) just ended its retrograde on September 6th and is in its post retrograde phase until October 9th. This indicates that many of the themes mentioned in the above paragraphs can be associated with new adjustments, arrangements, or endings in relationships. This could also be a time where we communicate with each other over what is fair in regards to our work and duties, not only in our personal lives, but also in our workplace. Looking at things not only from your own perspective, but also from the perspective of others, will be an important theme over the next month. Mercury will be square Pluto in Capricorn. This indicates energy that can be intense, controlling, manipulative, and obsessive, and can also uncover anything hidden. Some people will experience this energy with people who are in a position of power and authority over them, such as in a workplace. This Solar Eclipse will be opposite Chiron, the ‘Wounded Healer,’ which is associated with old wounds, trauma, and blockages. Being in Pisces, it emphasizes unconscious patterns related to emotional trauma.

The circumstances in our lives at this time can either shift, trigger, and/or bring awareness around our negative patterns and sensitivities. This Solar Eclipse is an excellent time to have intentions around making your life more organized, efficient, and productive. If your health and lifestyle need some improvements, then this is also a great time time to start moving towards achieving that. What do you need in your life in order to achieve this? Or what obstacles are in the way from achieving this? It would be good to direct your intentions towards that. Remember that it is best to set your intentions within the first 24 hours after the Eclipse (Click here to find out for your time zone). You can declare them by speaking out loud, but even better is to either write them down in words or illustrate images which reflect what it is you intend. You can also do a combination of these techniques, or employ any other means which make sense to you. If your health and lifestyle need some improvements, then this is also a great time time to start moving towards achieving that.

There is a series of exercises called Trauma Release Exercises that helps to address physical tension and emotional stress by releasing deep buried traumas. This protocol would be excellent for many people over the next six months. —– Interested in getting a Personalized Reading by Astrologer Carmen Di Luccio? For more information, visit his services page here. .

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