Something Every Student, Teacher and Person Should See
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Something Every Student, Teacher and Person Should See

Go to school, get a job and participate in the human experience without ever questioning anything.From a young age, we are taught what our parents taught us, and what their parents taught them.
Something Every Student, Teacher and Person Should See

. We are encouraged to follow the same route as everybody else. If one were to observe the entire planet from afar, it would most certainly look like we are a bunch of programmed robots. How can we discover what we really desire if we have predetermined occupations to choose from? These definitions and roles limit our infinite potential, something the human race is just beginning to wake up to. More people than ever before cannot even participate in those roles, they disagree so much with them that the soul sets them out on a path of self discovery, with no fear of consequence, only experience. Truth is, you don’t have to follow the system. As we go through life, we are never taught to follow our heart, our intuition and our soul. This is our true calling, and one should not refuse to follow it out of fear. We fear the lack of money, the lack of a “normal life” which takes us away from our hearts desire, and the energy radiating from our being when we are not in our heart is not one we want to send out to the cosmos.

The universe is always listening to you, we have the ability to manifest something magical for ourselves and the entire planet, we are simply unaware of this fact. If money didn’t exist, what would you do? Being cuffed and constrained by these useless concepts is exactly what’s holding us down. So many of us think that these are real concepts and too few of us believe that these concepts hold absolutely zero importance in the real world.

The real world is a magical one, the one we have been programmed to perceive is simply a mass illusion. We have to be willing to let those fears go and pursue our dreams whatever they may be.

The experience provided to you when you have the courage to trust your path without fear will be one of extreme growth. We must detach from the outcomes and see the joy in the journey, the growth in the journey. Everything is energy, and we forget that we can create our reality, we are very powerful beings and the practical concepts that lock our consciousness down aren’t even real. Overcome your fears and worries, follow your hearts desire from a place of peace and knowing and you will be able to manifest a reality that is more conducive to your soul and hearts desire. When you follow your heart, you can access the magic that’s all around us, the non-physical phenomenon that can help us on our quest. If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration – Nikola Tesla At the end of the day, you don’t have to do what everybody else is telling you to do, what everybody else is encouraging you to do. Here are some inspirational words from Alan Watts: .

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