Stepping Out of Boxes is A Choice We Have to Make

For those of you who haven’t seen or heard much from me in awhile, I just wanted to share with you that these past few months have been quite a whirlwind for me coming into a new year of 2013.

With a strong shift in planetary energy through galactic alignments and the merging and dissolving of older archaic energies, it has opened up an opportunity and been creating an immense shift within me.

The unification and alignment of our planet with our galaxy is allowing us all to tap into the supportive energy needed in order to evolve. When I say evolve, I mean observe what has been holding us back and limiting us, letting it go and moving forward in our experiences in a less limited state. Through this, I’ve had many ups and downs and intense experiences that have given me the push needed to move forward. A strong sense of universal power is emerging within me which is incredibly exciting! I’m sure many can relate to this as well

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