Steps To Help You Ride The Change In Conciousness
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Steps To Help You Ride The Change In Conciousness

At times, existing on this Earth feels heavy..
Steps To Help You Ride The Change In Conciousness

There is too much negative energy weighing down the planet and the creatures who dwell here. Our species is technically an invasive one. We have used too much energy for our egotistical needs and now our own survival is distorted. Does your Soul strain when you read about poverty, injustice, greed, and destruction? Do you ever feel empathetically drained? There is a way to shift the mood on Earth. This shift is very similar to choosing to smile in place of a frown. We are in charge of our own destiny, thus we must ride this wave of positive change, together. If you do not do this already, now is a good time to start. Explore farmer’s markets and ask the distributors how these products are made. Next time you visit a grocery store, read the ingredients and the certifications. Understand where your food was manufactured: each drop of water that went into the farming, each gallon of gas used to transport the food – it will all be recycled into new energy inside your own body. When a person thinks deeply about where their food and other consumer goods come from, that person is immediately more connected to the Earth and more in tune with the collective energy. When you use products, remember to be grateful. As Westerners, we forget the opportunities and luxuries we have. When we think globally, while acting locally, it teaches us awareness on a deeply intimate scale. Empathy has no boundaries. If you open your heart and your mind, you can feel a sincere emotional bond to the human who lives on a dollar a day in Guatemala. You can look at the banana bunch, stacked among many others like it at the supermarket, and you can think about the family down south whose way of life is to make sure you are able to enjoy a banana. Meanwhile, this farmer, who feeds a nation, might just be struggling to feed their own children. So, try to consume less. Now that you think about where all of these wonderful products of nature come from, decide for yourself how much you truly need to survive. Life and survival are the essence of evolution. If our species gorges out all the time in the name of materialism, consumerism, capitalism, etc, then what kind of beings are we going to be years from today? Giant ogres? Bears with brains? I think we can do better... Let us watch what we eat. Literally, stop multi-tasking at the table. Be present while you digest so that you can feel comfortable with your own energy needs. With goods and services, try to recycle often. If you have the ability, invest in solar power energy. Elon Musk believes he can power the world with solar energy. No more fossil fuels? No more oil spills? More polar bears and coral reefs? The ability to see the sky? Sounds like this Elon Musk knows how to shift the planet toward positive change. Remember, all life is fragile. Do what you can to decrease your carbon footprint, to increase your karmic footprint, and to get lost in the depths of this cosmic footprint. Now, this is where we use present day products for our own advantage.

The internet is a tool like any other. Channel your empathy to give your voice to organizations that matter. Do what you can, as an online surfer, to stand against the crap that brings negativity to this beautiful planet. Earth deserves better than the conditions developed today. Let us clear it up for Mother Nature by sharing posts on social media that inspire positive change. Create a blog, reflect individualization on your platforms, educate yourself and others about the consciousness revolution, and act with organizations working to heal the world.

There is strength in numbers.

The internet is a place to unite. If ever you think your efforts are going unnoticed, just keep surfing.

There is always something to read or something to be Googled. Feel free to message me on WordPress! Be confident in your strength. You can change the world and we will do it together. You read, you watch, you share, and you snap. Our lives are so full of blinks and texts, it has become harder to grasp a deep message. When one quiets these bleeps, the truth becomes clear. This planet is a wondrous thing, full of amazing creatures.

There are people who spend their lives at sea catching fish, and others who breath fire.

There are scientists who spend their days deciphering the galaxies.

There are doctors who travel to impoverished countries to heal strangers.

There are fish with wings and monkey-like human beings.

The circle of life is very interesting if you stop and explore it all. Eat well. No processed foods and less animal products. Try being vegetarian. Perhaps go vegan. In this consciousness revolution, we must realize that we have a duty and a responsibility to this planet. We know we come from star dust and we know this Universe is moving forward. If we have such immense perspective, our purpose is to share it. Let us cultivate a world of growth. Stop killing, and start educating. Suffering happens mostly when one is disconnected. Let us tune in to ourselves, to the animals, and the Earth, so we can do what is right for nature. When a person connects with Earth, one connects with their true self. Looking within, you will see you are a universe on the inside, just as infinite and magical as the one on the outside.

The circle of life cycles through us as well as around us. Stop. Put your phone down. Turn your electronics off and look up at the stars. Stars are the essence of technology on Earth. Close your eyes. Feel the starlight inside of you. Explore your creativity. Write. Read. Paint. Draw. Listen to music. Create music. Experience music. Sound healing. Meditation. Yoga. Stretch your body and see how it moves. Practice being mindful as you walk. Energize and exercise your physicality. Never stifle a laugh and always open your heart to love. Pay attention to what attracts you. Find out what makes you tick and follow that feeling with divine passion. Depressing thoughts are easier to shift when the light inside is strong enough to balance the depths of darkness. Nurture your inner sun. Cherish your being. All in all, find your own balance and have a strong stem. Keep these notions in mind as your Soul rides the new wave. Catch you on the flip side. Shaka gnar, Aves .

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