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Super Full Moon in Aries: Balancing Consideration With Action

We are having a Full Moon in Aries on October 16th in most parts of the world, and late night October 15th in most of the Americas..

Super Full Moon in Aries: Balancing Consideration With Action

The exact time will be at 4:23am Universal Time. This is what is called a ‘Super Moon’, when the Moon is at its ‘perigree’ which is when it is closest to the Earth. The Sun has been in Libra for more than three weeks, and like all Full Moons, when they occur the Moon brings out the opposite sign that the Sun is in (which in this case, is Aries). We always experience a push-pull dynamic between the opposing signs during any Full Moon. Generally speaking, Full Moons provoke certain themes in our lives that have been building up in the previous weeks (more prevalent three to four days leading up) to reach a peak or a release point. It can be minor or major depending on other astrological variables specific to an individual. Full Moon-related themes can occur through an external event/relationship, but can also be processed internally after external experiences transpired in previous days. It can be revelatory and/or a time of changes and adjustments through some sort of new awareness. This is a time when we can integrate and/or balance the energies of the opposing signs and/or be in a situation where they are at odds with each other. Aries is the sign of independence, leadership, initiating, and action. It is a bold sign, associated with making impulsive decisions and actions without outside influence. Ruled by Mars, Aries has a competitive and aggressive energy.

The challenges of this sign are inconsideration and potentially even ruthlessness. Libra is the sign of relating, consideration, balance, and fairness. Ruled by Venus, it is social and artistic, valuing beauty and seeking harmony in relationships. Represented as the scales of justice, when something is unfair or imbalanced, this sign will sort it out.

The challenges of this sign are indecisiveness, inaction, and codependence. Jupiter is also newly in Libra (along with Mercury), so these will be expanded upon over the next year. Uranus is very close to this Full Moon, along with the more recently discovered ‘minor planet,’ Eris. Uranus is about surprises, sudden changes, breakthroughs, and innovation. It is also associated with rebellion and independence/separation, especially when it is in a sign like Aries. It has a progressive and forward thinking theme. Eris was discovered just over a decade ago, so astrologers still have much to learn about it and how to work with it. Eris is the ‘Warrior Goddess,’ almost like a feminine version of Mars, except that it is about balancing the aggression of imbalanced male energy. When factoring this in, along with the Aries/Libra and Uranus themes, many people will experience conflicts over what is right and wrong. During the days leading up to this Full Moon, Mercury in Libra was in a square aspect to Mars in Capricorn. Mars here is about the desire to achieve and taking action to make it happen. However, in a square aspect to Mercury in Libra, in the days leading up to this Full Moon our thoughts may have been indecisive and potentially inhibiting needed action. In other cases, it could have manifested as conflicts around what is fair. Mars is moving toward a conjunction with Pluto that will be strongest from the 18th-20th, when Mercury will also oppose Uranus. This can be a time when we feel a big boost of power to help us in whatever we are directing our will towards. However, in some cases this can also be a time of intense conflicts around power and control. Pluto is also about what is going on beneath the surface, and Mars can trigger responsive action as a result of revelations. Mercury’s opposition to Uranus in Aries will carry over the Aries/Libran Full Moon energies mentioned above, with a level of unpredictability. Considering everything going on during this period, we can expect to see events in the news related to this intense energy. As I am writing this article there have been increased tensions between the U.S. and Iran, as well as between NATO and Russia. Also, with the U.S. elections coming close and dominating the media, we could also expect to see more truth being revealed about both candidates, and perhaps the battle for Presidency escalating to new levels. We may experience sudden changes during this time. It is a time when we may experience conflict over what is fair or not. In all of your interactions, circumstances, and conflicts, it best to look at things as objectively as possible while considering your own interests. We may need to learn to detach from certain things we have been holding on to. This can also be a time of breakthroughs and innovation, so pay attention to any flashes of insight. If you have been feeling stuck in the previous week, whatever occurs at the time of this Full Moon can help put things into perspective to help you in how you direct your will when Mars conjunct Pluto gives us a boost during the following week. If you wish to set any sort of intentions for releasing anything from your life, you can do it anytime during the following three days after the Full Moon, but as close to the Full Moon as possible, which is at 4:23am Universal Time. Click here for your time zone. — Receive future astrology articles by Carmen Di Luccio by clicking here to join his mailing list. Carmen also offers personalized astrology readings/consultations based on your exact birth date, time, and location. Click here for more information. .

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