Super Moon In Cancer: Pursuing Dreams
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Super Moon In Cancer: Pursuing Dreams

We are starting off 2018 with a Super Full Moon In Cancer peaking on January 1st-2nd.
Super Moon In Cancer: Pursuing Dreams

This will also be the first of two Full Moons in the calendar month of January, making the next one a ‘Blue Moon’ which will also be a Lunar Eclipse. A Super Moon is a Full Moon that is closer in distance to the Earth.

The energies of Full Moons start to build up in the days leading up to it and also influence the two weeks following. It is a period in which the Sun and Moon are in opposing signs which can be reflected as challenges between the themes of those signs and/or it can also be a period in which the energies of those signs can work together. However, this particular Full Moon is more harmonious than most. We have been in Capricorn season since the Sun entered this sign on December 21st when it started with a conjunction to its ruler Saturn. Capricorn is the sign of ambitions, achievement, determination, social status, practicality, and resourcefulness. Saturnian themes connected to this sign include responsibility, commitment, focus, and proceeding cautiously and realistically.

The Moon is at home in Cancer as it is the sign it rules and expresses itself best. This is the sign of emotional comforts, needs and security. It is about bonding, nurturing, sensitivity, and feeling safe. It is associated with the home, family, and overall domestic life. When the opposition of these two signs expresses itself in a challenging way then we may see more of the harder manifestations at odds with each other. For example, Capricorn can be too focused on work, can be perceived as being ‘cold’, and can also get too caught up in social status. While Cancer can be moody as well as overly needy and clingy. This Full Moon is generally more harmonious for two reasons. Firstly, it is in the sign that it rules, and secondly both the Sun and Moon are making easy connections with other planets forming a ‘Grand Trine Kite’ pattern with most of it being in water signs which is emotional and feeling based. This softens any potential tension that could manifest between the Capricorn and Cancer polarity and increases the possibility of bringing the energies of those two signs together in a more constructive, unifying, and collaborative way.

The planets involved in this pattern include Neptune, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Pluto. Out of all of them, Neptune in Pisces is making the tightest connection to the Sun and Moon. It brings a flowy energy to this period in which anything related to creativity and spirituality can flourish. We can feel more connected to others and our intuitions, dreams, and feelings can be heightened. Mars is moving towards a conjunction to Jupiter which are both in Scorpio and completes the Grand Trine’s ‘triangle’ in water signs.

There can a theme of asserting ourselves in a way that is expansive for us. It could have to do with learning, travel, or anything to do with applying ourselves in a optimistic or big way. It will be strongest between January 5th-7th. This combined with all the Capricorn energy can be be very helpful for us to make things happen, especially considering that Mars is very strong here in its own sign of Scorpio. Mars and Jupiter are also square the North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius. In pursuit of the Mars-Jupiter themes mentioned, some people may find themselves trying to balance or torn between the Leo and Aquarius polarity. Leo is about love, coming from the heart, creative self expression, leadership, and shining as an individual. Aquarius is more intellectually and mentally oriented and is about the group, team, and collective. With the North Node in Leo and Grand Trine in water signs, this is calling for us to follow more our individual passions, inspirations, and heart’s desires.

The Sun in Capricorn is aligned with Venus and Pluto. At best, this can be great for some sort of empowerment, transformation, confidence, and even some sort of depth and focus to Venus ruled areas of relationships, money, beauty, and values. This combined with Mars in Scorpio can make our love lives both intense and passionate. This particular energy is strongest from January 8th-9th. However for some people, these planets in Capricorn may also be the source of any potential challenges during this Full Moon. In some cases it can also be the initiator of how the harmonious aspects eventually play out resolving any potential tension it brings. This can manifest as issues around power, possessiveness, obsessiveness, control, or hidden matters. However, as mentioned above, there is less potential of this period manifesting in a hard way. When considering this planetary configuration as a whole, this is a great combination for pursuing our dreams, ideals, or anything that can help to bring more magic into our lives. Mercury ended its nearly 3 week retrograde on December 22nd, yet we will be in what is called the ‘post retrograde shadow’ period until January 10th. During these weeks following the retrograde is when we things start to make more sense. We move forward with new understandings and different ways of thinking based on what had come for us in December through our challenges and triumphs. Uranus has also been retrograde since August 3rd which will end 12 hours following this Full Moon in what is called the ‘stationary direct’ period. In the weeks leading up to and following this period, Uranus’ orbit appears to be ‘stopped’ from our vantage point. During this time, Uranus themes or thoughts that started in the summer through circumstances or contemplation will also now proceed forward after a 5 month period of reflection, revisitation or sorting out. Uranus themes include freedom, authenticity, innovation, metaphysics, science, technology, rebelliousness, unconventionality. Uranus’ influence can sometimes be awakening, enlightening, and can facilitate new types of experiences which can be quite different then what we are used to. This planet can also be disruptive and bring sudden changes or separations from circumstances or people. What can you do to bring more harmony and balance between your ambitions and personal life? How can you better apply yourself in way that is both expansive and in alignment with the way you flow? What are your dreams trying to show you or what does your heart want? What new understandings or realizations have you acquired in the last month and what is best way to proceed forward as a result? In what areas of your life do you need to approach in a new way that is either unconventional or allows you to have more freedom? What situations do you need to break away from and what types of new experiences do you feel will be more fulfilling for you? These are just some examples of what could be coming up, but not limited to them either. This energy can manifest in other ways as well, and ultimately, it also depends on how it is interacting with your natal chart. If you decide to use this energy to intentionally release something from your life, it is best to start that when the Moon starts to wane after the peak of the Full Moon, or even over the following two weeks.

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