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Support Justice for Serious Crimes Globally

(New York) – Countries should take concrete steps to demonstrate that justice for serious crimes matters, regardless of where abuses are committed and by whom, Human Rights Watch said today.

Support Justice for Serious Crimes Globally

To mark International Criminal Justice Day on July 17, 2022, Human Rights Watch created a social media initiative outlining five concrete actions that governments can take to bolster the international justice system worldwide. “The international community’s unprecedented response to address horrific abuses in Ukraine should become a paradigm for other crises,” said Balkees Jarrah, interim international justice director at Human Rights Watch. “There is a lot of work governments still need to do to extend the reach of justice to other places where atrocities are committed, such as in Yemen, Ethiopia, and Palestine.” Alongside civil society partners around the world, Human Rights Watch said that countries should demonstrate their commitment to accountability in the following ways: .

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