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Synthetic biology aims to replace natural life forms with something that is man-made

Synthetic biology aims to replace natural life forms with something that is man-made

Several years ago, leaked FEMA documents described that people would be put into FEMA camps for, essentially, re-education.  That concept “is old,” Celeste Solum told Maria Zeee.  The plan has been replaced by a “posthuman” ideology.

“In 2019 we heard in all the mainstream media ‘it’s posthuman, it’s posthuman’.  They do not need humans anymore. They are going to synthetic biology.  They’re going to synthetic humanoids that look just like you and I but [ ] they are completely synthetic or artificial … The new humans began coming forth from the [covid] vaccinated parents.”

No sooner had the covid era begun when researchers using directed evolution and experimental evolution escalated their work to genetically modify all life on earth, and in particular humans, using synthetic biology.  The video below is a brief introduction to synthetic biology.

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Earlier this month, Maria Zeee, host of Zeee Media, interviewed Solum who gave an overview of synthetic biology. Synthetic biology aims to replace all natural life forms with something that is man-made.  A decision was made in 1975 at an Asilomar Conference to genetically modify all life on Earth, Solum said. “Finding the genome was not about [solving] the mysteries, it was about the exploitation of our genetic code.”

Solum has worked as a contractor for Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”). Her training and activations include the infamous day of 911, flood and earthquake operations, mass casualty exercises, and numerous other operations. Celeste is FEMA certified and has completed the Professional Development Emergency Management Series.  She left “the agencies” because she was asked to do something that she couldn’t do.  She was told that anyone who did not believe that the government was god was to be imprisoned and killed.

Note from Rhoda Wilson: As we delve into the plans that evil makes, we should first put on the armour of God.  While researching, if at any time we feel confused, frightened or overwhelmed we should take a break and read Psalm 23, then let go and let God.

Always keep in mind who God created us to be.  He created us in his own image (Gen. 1:26).  We have been given dominion over all things on Earth to tend and take care of, and for our needs.  Angels, fallen or not, were not given this authority; it has been given to us, the descendants of Adam.  So, of this we can be certain – He, through which all things were created (Col 1:16), is raising an army among us.  An army which, through Him and for Him, will be victorious.

To the men and women who have aided and abetted the agenda to remove what God has given and destroy His creation, you will come to a sticky end.  ‘The Screwtape Letters’ by C.S. Lewis provides a description illustrating what that end could be and by whom. After all is said and done, this is how it ends: The devil Screwtape reminds his nephew and younger devil Wormwood that the penalty for failing to corrupt a human is being eaten alive – and Screwtape himself will be the devil to eat Wormwood.

Victory in the battle of our lifetime doesn’t mean we can rest.  The defeated will not give up. He who seeks to destroy may be stalled for a time but he will try again. To those not yet born who will face the final battle [Rev. 16:16], I encourage you: God, who created all things, is the alpha and the omega (Rev. 22:23).  He is the beginning and the end.

As is Solum’s approach, during her interview with Zeee Media she provides a lot of rapid-fire facts so her interview is packed with too much information to cover in the text of any one article.  However, we thought it may be helpful to provide some background and a brief introduction to two sources Solum mentioned; a bill, S4488, introduced to the US Senate in 2022 and DARPA’s Cornucopia programme.

New Life Forms

In 2021 we published an article detailing an interview Solum had with David Icke.  During this interview, she explained the International Barcode of Life (“IBOL”). IBOL, a Rockefeller initiative, is a project to identify, tag and reclassify all life on Earth, not according to natural characteristics – for example, fish, mammals and birds – but based on DNA.  According to Solum, this new IBOL taxonomy – naming, describing and classifying all organisms, including plants, animals and microorganisms – is to accommodate a plethora of new life forms.  Natural humans, which they refer to as “old humans,” are classified in the same group as dinosaurs.

By 2025 they want all the “old humans” eradicated and any human from then on will be engineered in the laboratory.  And, according to the World Economic Forum “by 2025 they do not want us to take anything from nature, anything we consume will be laboratory-generated,” Solum told Icke.

Read more: The Barcode of Life – Do We Really Understand What It Is and What It Aims to Do? The Exposé, 24 August 2021

During her interview with Zeee Media, Solum gave further information on the synthetic biology technologies being used to develop these new life forms. For further details on this subject, Solum held a 6-part webinar on 10 May which is now available for viewing.

As an aside note, we do not refer to scientists “creating” new species or life forms because, in this sense, man is not able to “create.”  Man is only able to modify or corrupt life that has already been created.  Technically, they aren’t “developing” any new life forms either. In truth, they are “un-developing” the natural world.  However, for ease, we refer to the process of making life forms as “developing” even when others, such as Dr. Craig Venter, refer to themselves as “creators” of life.

Global Catastrophic Risk Management

The bill ‘S4488: Global Catastrophic Risk Management Act of 2022’ was introduced to the US Congress but wasn’t enacted into law.  It was subsequently turned over to the US Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) and its partners – such as the US military’s Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (“DARPA”) and FEMA – for management.

“So, they just passed it off.  They didn’t pass it through Congress but they passed it off to Homeland Security who is going to manage it.  And then they said ‘We’re going to hide different portions of this [in other bills and legislation] so the people won’t connect the dots’.  They got frightened because there was too much information in one place and they didn’t want people connecting the dots and arising and taking action against them,” Solum said.

The “global catastrophic and existential threats” the bill sought to manage are defined by the draft bill as:

Those threats that with varying likelihood can produce consequences severe enough to result in significant harm or destruction of human civilisation at the global scale, or lead to human extinction. Examples of global catastrophic and existential threats include severe global pandemics, nuclear war, asteroid and comet impacts, super volcanoes, sudden and severe changes to the climate, and intentional or accidental threats arising from the use and development of emerging technologies. [Emphasis our own.]

S. 4488 (117th): Global Catastrophic Risk Management Act of 2022, 13 December 2022

There are different platforms besides the mRNA platforms.  Solum researched 60 of the covid injections to establish their contents.  “There was everything from gorilla faeces to Neanderthal genetic material … all sorts of spy chips, snoop dogs, all these crazy things were put [into the injections],” Solum said. “In a way, some of them have objectives and in other ways, they were mocking – a very mocking spirit saying, you know, ‘you’re just nothing but the scum of the Earth [and] you deserve to be depopulated’.”  

The platforms are, not just in “vaccines” and the PCR tests, they are now in the air, the water and the food supply.

Solum noted in an article that in his 2020 book ‘The Great Reset’, Klaus Schwab argued that biotechnology and genetically modified food should become a central pillar to global food scarcity issues, issues which covid has exacerbated. “He is pushing GMO and especially the controversial gene-editing. He writes ‘global food security will only be achieved if regulations on genetically modified foods are adapted to reflect the reality that gene editing offers a precise, efficient and safe method of improving crops’. [Bill] Gates, a project partner with Schwab for years, has argued the same.”

In January 2021, WEF announced that the entire commercial food supply would be genetically edited, bringing it into compliance with the United Nations’ sustainable goals. “In December [2021 WEF] said that had been accomplished,” Solum told Zeee.

Although Solum doesn’t know who is orchestrating this agenda, the people that are pushing this, she said, are evolutionists who don’t think we’re evolving fast enough so they thought they’d help us along – this is directed evolution and experimental evolution.  “That’s why there are so many different platforms and shots … because one has this chemical, one has this platform and they kicking the tyres to see what’s ‘safe and effective’ for depopulation,” she said.

DARPA’s Cornucopia

On 3 February 2023, DARPA’s Cornucopia programme became operational.  It has contracted three teams to demonstrate the production of microbial biomass consisting of all four human dietary macronutrients – protein, carbohydrate, fat, and dietary fibre.

The Cornucopia system uses electricity to separate water into usable hydrogen and oxygen and harvests nitrogen and carbon from the air to make large amounts of edible microbes.   The aim is to develop not just alternatives to meat and dairy but “a complete diet.”

In the podcast below, Cornucopia programme manager Molly Jahn explained what the programme is while at the same time giving little away.

Cornucopia’s concept is to break down food to its molecular level and substitute nutrition for function. This, they say, is a green-friendly subsistence diet.  But the result will be low-nutritional food and we will have to pay high prices for any supplementary vitamins, minerals, fibre or other sources of the health benefits that are found in real food. If you’re on a minimum wage or universal basic income you won’t be able to afford the supplements so it will not be possible to be healthy. “You will starve [from malnourishment] … it’s basically like you are in a concentration camp” unless you can grow your own food, Solum said.

Further Resources:

Featured image: Synthetic biology research may enable future capabilities for Soldiers, US Army, 10 November 2016

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