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Ten Tips for the Perfect Japanese Bath

With that winter chill still lingering in the air, many of us are looking for healthy alternatives to keep warm and clean throughout the dark months.

Ten Tips for the Perfect Japanese Bath

Why don’t we take some inspiration from that hot spring-rich island, Japan! Here are ten steps for getting the most out of your Japanese bath. If you’re like many people, you’ve probably heard about Japan’s bathing traditions. But did you know that bathing is more than just a means of hygiene? It is a special part of their culture and carries a much deeper meaning.

The tradition of Japanese bathing is based on respecting the balance between nature and mankind. A typical Japanese bath involves a few rituals, such as a purifying hot spring dip, the skin’s exfoliation, and a good clean-up in a warm bath. Bathing is an important part of Japanese culture because it provides a sense of calmness, which helps to bring people back in touch with nature and its many healing powers. It also serves as a great way to promote healthy, relaxed living. Many Japanese people find connecting with their inner selves in the baths easier, leading to better mental health. Apart from the many mental and physical benefits, there are also many social aspects of bathing in Japan. It is believed that bathing with your family helps create stronger relationships. In a sense, it is also a time for parents to connect with their children and be a part of their daily routines. Additionally, it is said that bathing with your spouse can deepen the bond of marriage. Lastly, bathing in Japan also allows you to connect with a part of your past and can serve as a way to understand Japan’s traditional ways better. Whether it is through hot springs, onsen, or any other type of Japanese bath, it can provide a unique insight into the past and bring peace to your mind and soul. Stay connected on special events, classes, and savings. 15% OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE So if you’re looking for a way better to understand Japan, its culture, and its past, don’t forget to check out its unique and fascinating bathing traditions. You just might find it to be an incredibly healing experience. Hinoki is a vital decorative plant and herbal component of many Japanese traditions.

The Hinoki Bar Soap will bring that herbal beauty to your bathroom! Just lather up with this fragrant soap and see yourself transported to the hinoki forests of Japan.

The Hinoki Body Oil and Hinoki Candle are great additions if you want to complete the set! If you’re unsure where to start with bath-time products, The Alchemist’s Kitchen’s Meditation Bath Bundle is a great starter kit for any relaxing bathtime experience. Combining the bundle with our CBD Bath Bomb will wash away all the aches and pains of the day. Japan’s plentiful hot springs and hot bath traditions make it a frontrunner in the art of the hot bath. So, let’s take a page from their book! Here are some amazing tips for getting the most out of your hot bath! Ensure your bathroom is free from dirt and clutter to promote a relaxed atmosphere. You don’t have to go too crazy with this; a quick scrub with your favorite tub-cleaning product or bleach will be enough to ensure your space is perfect for relaxing. Fill your tub up with hot, clean water until it’s 3/4 of the way full. If you run hot water and allow it to sit for a few minutes, the temperature should level out to the perfect amount of heat to melt away all your fatigue. It is important to adjust the water temperature according to your preferences. Generally, Japanese baths are warm but not hot. Sometimes they will adjust the water temperature by leaving it to cool or adding cold water from the sink or showerhead. What matters most is your personal preference here! Get all your bathing materials ready and have them within reach. Japanese bathing includes using a hand basin, dipper, washcloth, and soap. You can also gather candles, incense, or other aromatherapy tools to enhance the bathing experience truly. Before soaping up, relaxing in the water is customary to prepare the body for the following steps. Soak for as long as you want – this is the time to let your muscles unwind, and your mind wanders away from the day’s stressors. Cleanse your body with a warm cloth, working from top to bottom. This is a great time for exfoliating as well! Be sure to be thorough and take your time scrubbing away all the grime for maximum cleansing. To properly wash your hair and scalp, cup the warm water over your head and shampoo, condition, and rinse your hair. Make sure to follow with a cold-water rinse. Hot water can dry out our scalps, so warm-to-cold water is perfect for protecting all those important oils that live up there! Take a moment to sit and enjoy the soothing, relaxing environment. Use the remaining time to meditate and relax in the warm bath. Beyond the bathing itself, this is the most important part of the bathing ritual: now is the time to ruminate on your day and plan for the next! Drain the water from the bath and discard all used bathing materials when finished. Leaving the water to sit overnight is not recommended, so be sure to drain the tub and store all your favorite, still-useable materials for future baths. Clean the bathtub, walls, and surrounding area with a warm cloth and an appropriate cleaner. Rinse off the cleaning solution and discard all cleaning materials in the designated area. This will save you time in the future if you want to take another rejuvenating bath! The Alchemist’s Kitchen offers plenty of self-care and wellness tips to bring new energy to your life! Be sure to check out our Youtube channel for even more tips and tricks. Keep an eye out for our in-store events as well – we offer plenty of classes and fun gatherings that can introduce you to a more fulfilling way of living! The Alchemist's Kitchen is dedicated to connecting you with the power of plants. We believe strongly in the education and instruction on the use of all whole plant formulations and herbal remedies.

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