The 500,000 + Piece LEGO Car That Runs on Compressed Air
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The 500,000 + Piece LEGO Car That Runs on Compressed Air

Below is a video of a plastic car built almost entirely out of LEGO parts, more than 500,000 to be exact.It only needed tires and a few suspension parts that were not made out of LEGO.
The 500,000 + Piece LEGO Car That Runs on Compressed Air

. It consists of four orbital engines which hold 256 pistons inside. It travels at a speed between 20-30 km/h and runs completely off of compressed air. It was designed and built by 20-year-old Raul Oaida from Romania. This raises the obvious question, if a LEGO car can run on compressed air, can we do so the same with conventional automobiles? Yes we can. Peugeot, for example, an automobile manufacturing company in France plans to start selling the first air powered car as early as 2015.

The firm says the car could reduce petrol bills by 80% when driven in cities.

The car runs by using a normal combustion engine, special hydraulics, an adapted gear box along with compressed air cylinders that store and release energy. This allows it to run on petrol or air, or a combination of the two.(1)(2) Below is a brief vide released last year by the company. Peugeots model would not be able to travel more than 50 mph, and would be solely for city use. I’m sharing this with you because it’s just another example of how we don’t really need to use gas to generate energy for our automobiles. Human beings are smarter than that, our potential goes way beyond that, this is now known and we are approaching a time where we must implement these new ways of operating.

There is also evidence to suggest that cars can be powered solely by water. To find out more about that, click here. If you’ve never heard about free energy/zero-point energy, you can further your research here. It’s time to use natural science, it’s time to work with it, not against it. Sources: (1) (2) .

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