The Alan Watts Video That Will Make You Reassess Everything You’ve Been Told About Life

Are you familiar with the term ‘awakening?’ Perhaps you are very familiar with this word, or perhaps you have heard it but aren’t quite sure what it means in a spiritual context.

Maybe it means something special to you because you feel you have had an awakening in your own life — I know I have. If you are a fan of Alan Watts and his eloquent interpretation of Eastern Philosophy, then you may enjoy his take on what awakening really means, according to Buddhism and Taoism, and explained in his calming and humble voice. Mr. Watts defines awakening from a Buddhist perspective and explains not only why it is happening, but also whether or not it is happening to you. Awakening can have many meanings, but simply put, it means to wake up from being asleep, either literally or metaphorically. He shares his perspective of duality, and argues that to ‘wake up’ means to finally understand this duality. For example, you can’t have good without bad, you can’t have light without darkness, etc.

They are inseparable, just like the yin and yang, and you simply cannot have one without the other. Awakening means to become aware that life is not a contest; there is no virtue in triumphing over evil, or seeking happiness over sadness, because they are two sides of the same coin. When you become aware of this you realize that all of the pain, suffering, and evil in the world exist because we need them in order to recognize and experience joy, pleasure, and other good things in this world. Having an understanding of this allows you to see beyond the perceived “bad” or “wrong” things that are happening in your life or in the world, and you can begin to see and understand their true purpose. Disorder is necessary for order. “Instead of looking upon life as a contest, it becomes a dance, it becomes a game — one doesn’t withdraw from it, one doesn’t stop living, but one goes into the game so that these revolving fishes are no longer trying to eat each other, but they’re just going around dancing, having the biggest fun in the world.” If you are someone who appreciates Alan Watts’ simple explanations, and you are interested in learning more about consciousness, awakening, the meaning of life, etc., then I highly suggest you check out more of his teachings. He has written many books, though I personally prefer listening to him speak.

The light-hearted energy that infuses his message during lectures really helps bring it home, and you feel the truth in his words. Alan Watts’ wisdom is an excellent place to start if you are wanting to learn more about Eastern Philosophy, and have it explained in a way that is still accessible for those coming from a Western perspective. For more related CE articles, click here. Much Love .

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