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The Amazing Coincidence Between Wireless Technology and Epidemics

There is an amazing correlation between the different deployments of wireless technology and epidemics. From radar or radio to the more recent 5G, there has always being an associated epidemic.

The Amazing Coincidence Between Wireless Technology and Epidemics

As the events take place over history, more correlations can be drawn for a deeper understanding of the nature of our times. Scientific method has been aside the humans as a tool to assess phenomena occurring in our physical and non physical world. But culture, which formed to a extend by "the belief" system shared from parents to children, shared among citizens is a double edged sword.

From one side, beliefs often assess universal facts, and efficiently play their role as a wire sewing history together. From the other, the belief system can be (and often has been) contaminated by falsehoods, both intentionally and unintentionally.

From our side, we have already a large collection of texts, studies or researches carried on using a robust base of understanding and the proper use of the Scientific Method to evidence actual phenomena that takes or doesn't take place. Even if this evidence compromises the historical records written by corporate science, those are quite more science-based and envidenced than the official version.

The history of wireless technology rollout

The following table shows the correlations between the most prominent deployments of wireless technology widely and the epidemics that took place along the last 150 years.

RolloutTechnologyOutbreakK deathsDescriptionIdentification
1886Alternating current18891000Asiatic/Russian fluH3N8, H2N3, OC43 (cv) (Uncertain)
1917Radio waves19182000-5000Spanish fluH1N1
1936-1945 Radar1947Pseudopandemic
1956Remote TV controller
Atomic power plants
1957-19581100Asian fluH2N2
1968Satellites in Van Allen Belt19681000-4000Hong Kong fluH3N2
1976Apple first PC1977Russian fluH1N1
19811G1982-1983 FMD*, HIVH3N2, H1N1
19922G1992-1993“They wanted to hide these 2 flu outbreaks?”A(H3N2), B influenza => Death vaccine*
1992-1993Hanta virus (4 corners)
2001-20093G2001Bird fluH1N2
2009-20124G201018,5 (lab confirmed)
Swine fluH1N1

*FMD: foot-and-mouth disease

*Death vaccine: The 1992-93 influenza vaccine contained A/Texas/36/91(H1N1), A/Beijing/353/ 89(H3N2), and B/Panama/45/90. For the 1993-94 season, the influenza A(H3N2) component was updated to the A/Beijing/32/92(H3N2) strain, and the influenza A(H1N1) and B components were retained. For 1994-95, the influenza A(H3N2) component in the vaccine was updated to A/Shangdong/09/93, and the influenza A(H1N1) and B components were retained.

*MERS: South Korea, Saudi-Arabia +- 500 deaths.
Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), also known as camel flu.

Scientists Following the Ambiental Theory of Viral Respiratory Illneses

The correlation between electromagnetic waves and illnes has been followed by several scientists along the las 50 years. More prominently during the las 20 years with the proliferation of mobile networks, the effects on individual's health has been more prominent, leading to more researches to feel interested about the phenomena.

The following list or researcher can be a useful place to start reading about it and widen the understanding about the invisible dangers of electromagenetic radiation and the proofs we have available.

Links to part2, part3 and part4 of this interview.

We all know the Pharma Business is connected and mostly owned by higher layers of World's top power brokers, managed by greedy individuals and strongly connected with Mass Media Corporations. Today's understanding of life on eartth for the average human, is dominated by a veil of belief, falsehood and misleading narrative. Average individuals are condemned to be governed and ideologically controlled by the powers that be, these are not times to pick up information without a deep research, so the individuals without a strong based understading of the meaning of this World are in fact the driving power the elititsts have at their disposal.

You can read our article  A doubt on 5g safety where we collect several references about the health azards of 5g technology, or enter the search "5g" in the search bar for a list on 5g related articles published or re-publishead by The Article Feed.

Thanks for reading, and if possible, share widely.


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