The Connection Between Your Mental-Emotional Health & Physical Illness

How often is it that we get to understand our bodies on a deeper level? A lot of the time we ignore the messages our bodies are sending us, or dampen them with drugs (both prescription and illicit) rather than addressing the underlying problem. But when sickness comes knocking, we usually find ourselves forced to listen. That’s what happened to Olivia Omitrano, better known as Organic Olivia. She says her poor and negative thoughts about herself helped bring on a long list of body issues, from IBS and liver deficiency to depression, eating disorders, and eventually parasites. She turned to doctors for help but became more ill after being given the Gardasil vaccine. Sick and tired, literally, she finally decided to take back her health, diving into a ton of research and consulting with a Chinese Medicine doctor. As her health drastically improved, so too did her attitude and outlook on life. We sat down with her and chatted about some of the great things she’s learned on her wellness journey. Here’s a quick recap... but you gotta watch the video to get the full scope! * When we’re feeling sad/depressed, our body tends to hold on to physical weight because it’s going into survival mode. * Every major organ in our body has an associated emotional counterpart. Paying attention and taking care of one of them can usually offset the other. * Along with having an emotional counterpart, every vital organ also has an internal clock that it likes to follow in order for it to replenish. * Drinking ginger tea is amazing for digestive health. * Parasite cleansing is totally normal and super common in many Eastern cultures. By doing a cleanse you may see improvements in your skin, bowel movements, metabolism, energy levels, liver function, appetite, and adnominal pains. Organic Olivia is now selling her parasite cleanse and many other health boosting products on her website. Check out her store and full story at SOURCES: photo credit- .

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