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The Friendly Bacteria That Might Save Your Life [VIDEO]

Experts are now finding that the biome of the mouth is one of the most important factors in creating good gut health.We focus so deeply on the gut, but the mouth should be a top priority.

The Friendly Bacteria That Might Save Your Life [VIDEO]
Are you aware of potential issues you have with your mouth, teeth and gums? Millions of people are starting to really understand the importance of good gut health, and it’s leading people to focus more on what they put into their body when they eat. Healing the microbiome can be done in many ways, you can change your diet, fast, use herbs, introduce probiotics and more. But it’s a tricky journey no matter which route you take. Plus, there is another step to this process that many people are missing out on, and it may be slowing down the rebuilding process greatly.

The key fact many are missing out on is that the health of your microbiome starts in your mouth. That’s right, oral health is a key factor in how healthy your gut is, yet we spend so little time looking at this as a key factor. In my latest film Regenerate, I talked about how nature and the human body are complex systems that are not strictly mechanical in nature, and thus you have to treat issues as if they are connected to the rest of the body. This is a major truth that much of mainstream medicine is missing out on, in my opinion.

The mouth, and oral health, is a key part of the overall systems we must pay attention to that can assist with healing other ailments in the body. You’ve probably heard it said that our human bodies are composed more of bacteria than of human cells — but what if I told you that BILLIONS of those bacteria live in your mouth? This is why digestion begins as you chew, because it’s at this time that the microflora in your mouth begin to act on food. This is why if there is any imbalance in your oral microbiome, infections, root canals etc, you could be in trouble in the long term.

The video below is a sneak peek, at Dr. Pedram Shojai’s new series Gateway to Health: Healing Secrets of The Oral Biome. It’s a fascinating topic and the series contains a team of leading experts who will talk about shocking new data that suggests that the majority of all disease — including chronic disease — begins in the mouth. Of course, you’ll learn how to get rid of the harmful bacteria in your mouth, and encourage the useful, important bacteria to flourish and help heal your microbiome. — Click here to watch the video If you’re moved by the video above, you definitely want to check out the full docuseries GATEWAY TO HEALTH: Healing Secrets of the Oral Biome. It’s packed with data and tips and tricks like: Click here to reserve your FREE spot to this incredible series. In this free 7-part series, Dr. Pedram Shojai teaches you about the power of healing your oral biome. More than 70% of all chronic inflammatory diseases begin as tiny bacteria in your mouth getting flushed into your bloodstream. Gut health begins in the mouth, this is the cutting edge truth that's emerging. Learn the simple, low cost methods to restore or.

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