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The Global Takeover Hinges on Pandemics and Transhumanism

The Global Takeover Hinges on Pandemics and Transhumanism

STORY AT-A-GLANCE Have you ever watched any of the “Terminator” movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger? If you have, you will be familiar with the evil villain “Skynet,” which is a fictional artificial, neural network-based, conscious group-mind and artificial general superintelligence system that decided to terminate all human life in the late 2020s.

It has become palpably obvious that the company that most closely resembles Skynet today is Google. You may recall that Google purchased the leading artificial intelligence company Deep Mind a little over eight years ago for the paltry sum of $500 million. This was likely the most important purchase Google made to jumpstart them to Skynet status, with their already massive surveillance capacity corralling data collected from its search engine, which controls 93% of the searches in the world. Its Chrome browser and email client, Gmail, has around 50% use across the internet, and 85% of the world's smartphones are using Android. All these give them nearly unlimited data on most of the world's population. This is why you absolutely need to pay close attention to most anything Google does, including the activity of former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. According to a March 28, 2022, report by Politico reporter Alex Thompson, Schmidt has held undue sway over U.S. science policy.

“Under Biden's former science chief, Eric Lander, Schmidt's foundation helpedcover oficials' salaries, even as the ofice's general counsel raised ethical fiags... given Schmidt's financial interests in areas overlapping with OSTP's [Ofice ofScience and Technology Policy's] responsibilities,”

he writes. In addition to his overlapping financial interests, there are also other potential confiicts of interest. As noted by Thompson, Schmidt cofounded and is a current board member of Civis Analytics, a data science company that has worked on Democratic campaigns, including Joe Biden's 2020 presidential campaign.

Schmidt Leverages Infiuence to Further His AI Dreams

The OSTP is responsible for setting strategic priorities for the U.S.'s $1.4 trillion annual health and science spending. In recent years, a primary focus had been the creation of federal policy on artificial intelligence (AI), which is also one of Schmidt's key areas of interest.


For example, he's a board member of Rebellion Defense, an AI-focused defense contractor. As reported by Thompson:

“Two oficials from Rebellion Defense joined the agency review teams onBiden's transition team. It was a win for the young company as no employees atmajor defense contractors landed on the agency review teams, The AmericanProspect reported.Since Biden took ofice, Rebellion Defense has received 10 defense contracts,according to the watchdog Tech Inquiry. On September 15, Axios reported theyoung company had raised $150 million dollars at a $1 billion valuation.Ties to Rebellion have already proved thorny for some members of the Bidenadministration. Mina Hsiang, administrator of the US Digital Services, sold herinvestment in Rebellion on September 30, weeks after being tapped for the role.The investment was only worth between $15,000 to $50,000 in January 2021when she initially joined the Biden administration. It was worth between$500,000 and $1 million when she sold it, according to her disclosure forms,prompting a complaint from an ethics watchdog.”

Schmidt is also invested in Abacus.AI and Sandbox AQ, both of which specialize in AI, and is funding an AI initiative called AI2050 to the tune of $125 million. Importantly, Schmidt also chairs the National Security Commission on AI — created by Congress in 2018 — which last year urged president Biden to “reject calls for a global ban on highly controversial AI-powered autonomous weapons,” according to CNBC. He also founded the Schmidt Program on Artificial Intelligence, Emerging Technologies and National Power — a “signature initiative” under Yale's Jackson Institute for Global Affairs and International Security Studies (ISS). So, clearly, Schmidt has a bias when it comes to the U.S. government's regulation of AI. The more infiuence he has over such regulations, the better it is for him.

Schmidt Paid White House Science Staff Salaries


According to Thompson, Schmidt's foundation, Schmidt Futures, indirectly paid the salaries of two staffers in the White House OSTP, including one of the most senior oficials of that ofice, chief of staff Marc Aidinoff. Schmidt also retained Tom Kalil on his own payroll while Kalil worked as an unpaid OSTP consultant for four months in 2021. And, on at least one occasion, Kalil helped secure funding from Schmidt Futures for OSTP personnel. Kalil resigned from the post after ethics complaints were filed. Two other OSTP staffers were being paid through a Federation of American Scientists (FAS) fund that Schmidt Futures pays into, and FAS chairman, Gilman Louis, served with Schmidt on the board of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. In 2021, then-general counsel for the OSTP, Rachael Wallace and her legal team repeatedly fiagged potential confiicts of interest related to Schmidt and his foundation. In the fall of 2021, Wallace also filed a formal complaint against OSTP science adviser Eric Lander — who also has close personal ties to Schmidt — claiming he was bullying her in response to “her consistently raised ethical objections ... including the ofice's solicitation of funding from Schmidt-connected organizations for extra staff,” Thompson writes. Wallace told Thompson:

“I and others on the legal team had been noticing a large number of staff withfinancial connections to Schmidt Futures and were increasingly concernedabout the infiuence this organization was able to have through theseindividuals.”

For example, Schmidt Futures gave out fellowships that paid for staffers' travel expenses to science conferences — a practice fiagged by one legal analyst for the OSTP as posing “a very significant confiict of interest.” Landler resigned in mid-February 2022, after “credible evidence” proved he'd bullied Wallace and violated other workplace standards.

Schmidt's Role in the Global Takeover Attempt


Considering the primacy of AI, machine learning and 5G technology in the transhumanist goals of the World Economic Forum's (WEF's) Fourth Industrial Revolution and Great Reset, it's not surprising to find Schmidt is a WEF alumni under technology and social media, to which he was selected in 1997. Google cofounders Sergey Brin and Larry Page are also on that list, as are Bill Gates, former Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel, eBay cofounder Pierre Omidyar, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. The intersection of biology and machine learning, 5G and AI, are all key aspects of Schmidt's post-Google work, and he has advocated for a stronger federal role in funding of these technologies, as well as various biotech initiatives. While it's hard for many to wrap their mind around the transhumanist plan, we simply cannot remain ignorant about it. As challenging as it is, we have to open our eyes and recognize where all of these players intend to take us. Many refuse to consider what transhumanism and the Fourth Industrial Revolution will really entail, because it's scary. It's nothing short of eliminating some of the most fundamental parts of what it means to be human — including free will and self determination. As noted by AI and transhumanist researcher Joe Allen, “The coming technological singularity isn't human evolution, it's the annihilation of our species.” But burying our heads in the sand will not protect our children and grandchildren. We have a duty to act, to resist and not comply with the intentional elimination of humanity.

The Global Takeover Hinges on Pandemics and Transhumanism

In a March 29, 2022, Substack article, Allen discusses the rapid approach of transhumanism, ushered in by “unaccountable corporations” that “openly force advanced tech into our bodies,” such as nanodevices to track vaccination status and compliance with medical edicts.

“Three technologies drive the plot of this horrific story,”

Allen writes.

“mRNAgene therapy, quantum dot tattoos, and artificial intelligence. Advancedmachine learning, used to predict the effects of mRNA mutations

in silico,

allows for lightning fast vaccine development — including regulatory approval.Additionally, embedded subdermal tracking systems can ensure that everyperson on planet Earth is up-to-date on their shots. Taken together, theseinnovations are rapidly converging on a long sought after goal — an inescapablesurveillance state, controlled by corporations, in which the global population issubject to continual medical experimentation.”

Three technologies poised for commercial adoption, discussed in Allen's article, are: • The quantum dot tattoo, developed by MIT scientist Robert Langer — cofounder of Moderna — and nanomedicine and bioengineering specialist Ana Jaklenec, and funded by Gates. To market the quantum dot tattoo, Langer and Jaklenec partnered with Dr. Boris Nikolic to found a company called Particles for Humanity. Nikolic, a biotech venture capitalist who once served as chief adviser for science and technology for Bill Gates. The Gates Foundation provided $5 million in startup capital. Nikolic also was apparently a close friend of known pedophile and eugenics enthusiast Jeffrey Epstein, as he was named successor executor in Epstein's will. Both Langer and Nikolic are also featured on the WEF's website. • A biosensor that can monitor both physical behavior and internal biological functioning, and then reward desired activities with cryptocurrency. The patent for this system, filed by Microsoft, is WO/2020/060606. • A single-injection nanotech vaccine that automatically releases booster doses on a timed schedule. AI and machine learning plays a primary role not just in the final tracking of human biology and behavior, but also in the creation of the medical devices in the first place,


and to speed up the regulatory process. For example, Moderna has already created “a ton of robotic automation” and digital systems to help select the most appropriate mRNA for a given shot. What we're heading toward is basically a system where AI is making decisions about how the human body will function, what proteins its cells will produce and to what end, and human engineers have hardly a clue as to how AI comes to its conclusions. Human biology is quite literally being handed over to an “intelligence” that operates in a black box. As noted by Allen, the inner workings of AI is “mostly unknown, even to its creators.” In 2021, Dave Johnson, chief data and AI oficer for Moderna, explained the process to MIT Sloan Management Review:

“We can integrate ... [algorithms] into these live systems that we have, so thatscientists just press a button and the work is done for them. And they don'tknow what's going on behind the scenes, but then — poof! — out comes thisbetter [mRNA] sequence for them.”

As noted by Allen:

“Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where machines create vaccinesthat are regulated by machines and injected into biomechanoid humans whoare tracked by machines.”

Of course, keeping people in an endless loop of vaccinations is not the point. Controlling people through medicine is. It won't be long before vaccine passports are networked with a digital identity, digital finances, work records and a social credit score, so that disobedience in any sphere of life can be remedied (read punished) in any number of different ways. In the end, what they're after is total control — over your mind, body and finances. Schwab and his technocratic allies want to turn mankind into cyborg serfs with limited or no capacity to free will, and no rights to ownership.


The WEF slogan “You will own nothing and be happy” basically summarizes the transhumanist plan for humanity. You'll own nothing, because they will own everything — including and down to your genetics — and you'll be “happy” because that's how your cloud-connected brain will be programmed. As ominously noted by history professor and author Yuval Noah Harari, a Klaus Schwab disciple, those days of the idea that we have a soul and free will “are over.” To circle back to where we started, what we really need are laws and regulations that protect our rights to privacy in every sense of the word, both digitally and internally, in our own minds. What we don't need are technocrats like Schmidt infiuencing government to remove ethical and legal hurdles to the transhumanist takeover and facilitating the creation of a cyborg future.

Is the Transhumanist Plan Feasible?

The question is, is any of this actually feasible, or is it all just a megalomaniacal pipedream? As detailed by Allen, the answer is yes:

“First, it's clear that Big Pharma has an open ambition to generate endlessmRNA vaccines using artificial intelligence. Going further, technocratic eliteslike Bill Gates and Robert Langer want human cattle to be tattooed withfiuorescent nanoparticles to track their vaxx status, starting with the ThirdWorld. It's easy to imagine that the rest of us are next.What's worse, similar ambitions are held by numerous partners (andcompetitors) at the World Economic Forum, Silicon Valley, the ChineseCommunist Party, and elsewhere. This is not a global conspiracy — these arepublicly declared plans.Second, AI-generated vaccines and subdermal tracking tech already exist, andthey are rapidly improving. Third, the germaphobic masses are now conditionedto submit to any technology deemed ‘safe and effective.' This terrified horde isalso primed to insist that you submit, too.”

Can We Stop It?

However, while the technocratic elite are moving forward as if nothing can stop them, ignoring any and all calls for a saner approach to the desire for perfect health and radical life extension, there's still hope. Allen closes his article with the following rallying call:

“The transhumanist ambition, implemented through technocratic policies, is totransform humanity through technology. It's a delusional quest for perfection,however approximate — perfect health, perfect cognition, perfect machines.This ambition will never vanish. But like a devil chained up in the underworld, itcan be contained.The first step is public awareness. The second is a bold personal stance. Thethird is community action. The last, and most enduring, is the institutionalprotection of our rights, our privacy, and our bodily autonomy.This struggle against the machine won't end until the last battery fizzles out.Prepare yourself for perpetual warfare. There can be no wishful thinking, butthere's only one attitude to take — we will win this.”

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