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‘The Great Reset: Biopolitics for Stakeholder Capitalism’ Book Launch

‘The Great Reset: Biopolitics for Stakeholder Capitalism’ Book Launch

When the restrictions under which we lived for two years were largely revoked in March 2022, the Great Reset of Western capitalism that was initiated in September 2019 was not revoked with them. On the contrary, the temporary removal of our rights and freedoms under lockdown is in the process of being made permanent in a renewed and concerted attack on Western democracy.

As it was in the first phase of the Great Reset, this is being perpetrated by unaccountable transnational technocracies which, on the justification of responding to numerous manufactured ‘crises’ (health, energy, environmental, geopolitical), have elected themselves to form a World Government.

The names of these technocracies are by now well-known to the populations of the West: the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, the Bank for International Settlements and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; behind which are the increasingly authoritarian European Commission, North Atlantic Treaty Organization and United Nations.

In this second phase of the Great Reset, new technologies of biopower are incorporating the legal framework within which the limits of citizenship have until now been written into law into a continuum of regulatory apparatuses through which the obligations of biosecurity are enforced by the state. Simon Elmer’s new book, The Great Reset: Biopolitics for Stakeholder Capitalism, analyses the most immediate threats to our freedoms presented by this emerging biopolitical paradigm of governance: Digital Identity, Agenda 2030, the Pandemic Treaty and Central Bank Digital Currency.

But it also looks at how the populations of the West are being indoctrinated into the new behaviours and beliefs required for this globalist coup: through the ideology of woke, through the orthodoxies of ‘trans’, through the tenets of environmental fundamentalism and the through the dehumanisation of Russia.

Together, these technologies and ideologies are overseeing the revolution into what the World Economic Forum has called ‘stakeholder capitalism’: a technocratic, corporate-led, trans-national, anti-democratic and ultimately totalitarian system of governance that is the new political economy of the West. Finally, therefore, this book looks at what we must and must not do to resist the biopolitics of stakeholder capitalism.

Simon will be holding a launch of his new book, The Great Reset: Biopolitics for Stakeholder Capitalism, on Saturday 2 December, from 7-9pm upstairs at the Star & Garter, 62 Poland Street, Soho, London W1F 7NX. Copies will be available in paperback (£20) and hardback (£30) on the evening. Entry is free and everyone is welcome.

About the Author

Simon Elmer was born and lives in London. In 2002 he received his PhD in the History and Theory of Art from University College London, and he has taught at the universities of London, Manchester, Reading and Michigan. In 2015 he co-founded Architects for Social Housing, for which he is Head of Research. His books include The Road to Fascism: For a Critique of the Global Biosecurity State (2022); Virtue and Terror: Selected Articles on the UK Biosecurity State, Vol. 1 (2023); and The New Normal: Selected Articles on the UK Biosecurity State, Vol. 2 (2023).

Simon’s articles have appeared in Off-Guardian, UK Column, The Daily Sceptic, Real Left, The Conservative Woman, The Exposé, People’s Lockdown Inquiry and Unity News Network. His interviews and presentations about the Global Biosecurity State can be found on the podcasts of The Delingpod, Panda, UK Column, Brokenomics, London Bitcoin Space, Elevate, Campfire Conversation, On the Fringe, Trish Wood is Critical, Tom Nelson, Thinking Coalition, Think Twice, Common Knowledge, Planet-Uplift, Radically Human, Jerm Warfare (TNT Radio) and Reality Check Radio.


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