The Heartwarming Video That Shows Real Men Reacting To Learning That They’ll Be A Dad

Father’s Day is just a couple of days away, and for many of us it’s a day where we show appreciation for the role that our father figure has played in our lives.

Thanks to both stereotypes and the mainstream media, Father’s Day is generally seen as a day to celebrate “manliness.” We are bombarded with ads that suggest beer, golf clubs and power tools as the ideal way to show our dad that we care. As much as these gifts may be appreciated by a number of dad’s out there, we can’t forget about the softer side that we all have to us. In hopes of reminding us of the strength in emotion and caring, Dove has put together another powerful campaign video just in time for Father’s Day.

The short video captures the moment where a number of men first discover that they are going to be a father, check it out: I’m not a father myself, but I know that one day -when fully prepared -I would love to be, and videos like this only further reinforce that desire. Seeing these men breakdown their “manly” barriers to celebrate pregnancy with their partner is a truly special moment to have captured on camera. As I mentioned above, it serves as a great reminder of the softer side we all have within us, and the power in expressing rather than suppressing it. I’m incredibly grateful for the openly emotional relationship that I share with my father, and would never trade it in for one where either one of us put up a macho facade. What are your thoughts on the video and the moments that it captured? Do you think it’s time that we drop the “macho man” label and embrace the strength in emotional care? Let us know via the comment section below, and also feel free to share some of your own moments with your father figure! .

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