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The Indoctrination Brain – ‘The Most Evil Thing Ever Done’

A previously unidentified neurobiological mechanism of indoctrination that significantly alters personality has been unveiled by molecular geneticist Dr Michael Nehls.

The Indoctrination Brain – ‘The Most Evil Thing Ever Done’

Dr. Nehls has spoken about his alarming findings of an unprecedented attack on mental freedom that occurred during COVID.and claims that there is a “silent war” against the human brain already well underway.

According to Nehls this was a “radical, planned transformation of billions of lives”and was a prerequisite of the Great Reset by 2030 envisioned by the World Economic Forum and many political leaders and technocrats. Dr. Nehls claims that a major mental reset had to occur before the acceptance of their enslaving operation abolishing our privacy and property, and the transition to a dystopian existence could occur (source).

Dr Nehls is the esteemed author of the book The Indoctrinated Brain  which describes this largely unknown neurobiological mechanism that has been misused in a way that is as perfidious as it is ingenious for this inhumane indoctrination process. Nehls writes in his Substack:

Overwhelming evidence suggests that battles against perpetual pandemics (with COVID-19 just the beginning, as per the WEF Risk Report 2023), uncontrollable climate change, and national borders are merely aspects of a singular, covert war on the human brain.”

The real battlefield is our autobiographical memory, and thereby the mental immune system of our society. The sharp decline in mental health across all age groups is not mere collateral damage of a flawed anti-COVID-19 strategy, but the logical outcome of a stealthy and sophisticated neuropathological indoctrination process. This process aims for a Great Mental Reset, positioning humanity to “willingly” accept a new totalitarian system from the outset, despite its fundamental incompatibility with human nature. (source)

Conquering the Human Mind

Tucker Carlson interviewed Dr Nehls recently and he asked him “Why, after the mRNA vax was shown not to stop transmission, did governments continue to push it on their populations?” Tucker Carlson asked Dr Michael Nehls, who answered that it wasn’t about health or making money. It was about “conquering the human mind.” “And it’s even worse than that [undermining the ability to think],” he continued. Source

“So, if you shut down this production [of new nerve cells] and force the hippocampus to memorize all these different stories, these fear-mongering narratives, then these narratives will enter the brain. They will be memorized in the hippocampus, but for a cost: they will override pre-existing memories.”

“So what happens,” said Nehls, “is you override with the narratives, with the fear narratives, with the technocratic narratives, you override your pre-existing memories, your individuality, or your personality, and change it.”

“If intentional, this would be the most evil thing ever done,” replied Carlson. “Absolutely,” agreed Nehls. Source.

Note* It would seem due to their comments on their having had and believing there was a covid that both Carlson and Nehls were also victim to this most evil thing ever done.

The Tucker Carlson Interview with Dr Michael Nehls can be seen below.

The Tucker Carlson Encounter: The Indoctrinated Brain

Published Apr 1, 2024


Transcript from Tucker Carlson


Tucker Carlson Tucker

Dr Michael Nehls – Michael Nehls MD. PhD,

Oval Media – Oval Media/das-indoktrinierte-gehirn/

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