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The insane and dangerous One Health cult that regards humans as a pollutants

The idea of a holistic concept of health – that our environment influences our well-being – is far older than written history.

The insane and dangerous One Health cult that regards humans as a pollutants

 “One Health,” a modern term for this holistic approach to health, is therefore old news.  However, just as planes are hijacked for politics or profit, One Health has been hijacked by self-proclaimed philanthropists.

This hijacked and corrupted version of One Health is designed to use fear to control us and justify our restriction, impoverishment and death. It is a cult based on fear of the world and the people who they say poisoned it.  And it is baked into the World Health Organisation’s (“WHO’s”) proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations and Pandemic Treaty.

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The following are extracts from the article titled ‘One Health, holistic medicine, and the poisoning of minds’ by David Bell as published by PANDA Uncut

Ill health is a lever for fear, and death even more so, especially to those who believe that we are simply organic constructs that end in dust and decay. A cult feeding off these fears, holding that the entire biosphere is threatening us with diseases and death, would therefore have real potential for mass control. Convince followers that humans are the poison that made this world so destructive, and you will also have the means to stoke hate against non-believers whilst adding guilt to the tools for compliance.

A cult based on fear of the world and the people who poisoned it dressed up in philanthropy and virtue, has risen amongst us. Co-opting One Health terminology, it is now funded by the spoils of covid, and empowered by technology that can take this mediaeval witch-hunting sect global.

As a new catch-all for this modern public health cult, One Health is being corrupted in two ways, but for the same ends and by much the same people. Understanding one tells us about the people we are dealing with, and the other reveals their motives.

One Health as an Ideology

The medical journal The Lancet explained the ideology of those driving the One Health cult in January 2023:

One Health will be delivered in countries … by taking a fundamentally different approach to the natural world, one in which we are as concerned about the welfare of non-human animals and the environment as we are about humans.

In its truest sense, One Health is a call for ecological, not merely health, equity.

One Health: a call for ecological equity, The Lancet, 21 January 2021

The narrative, and its intent, are clear. Those pushing it envision a world in which any lifeform is considered intrinsically of equal worth to others. If you must choose between your daughter and a rat, the choice should weigh the probability of the survival of each, or assess which may do the least harm to other lifeforms after being saved.

Within this “equitable” worldview, humans become a pollutant. Humans become a plague upon the earth, and their restriction, impoverishment and death may therefore be justified for the greater good.

It is difficult for people to grasp that this is a guiding ideology of public figures, as it runs counter to most human moral systems or Natural Law. People, therefore, consider this a misrepresentation of what is intended. If this is you, go back and read those quotes, and read more widely. We must understand the ideology driving this movement, as they intend that we should follow their dictates, and they intend to indoctrinate our children.

One Health as a tool for fear manufacturing and control

In the hijacked version of One Health, designed to control the masses, humans are at constant risk of harm from their environment and must be corralled and protected for their own good. To convince them, people are bombarded constantly with reminders of the risk that life on earth entails: changing climates, vehicle exhaust, variants of viruses, and the behaviour of non-conforming others become existential threats.  Fear works to change human behaviour and shape responses.

Through amendments to the International Health Regulations (“IHR”) and a new “pandemic treaty,” WHO is coupling this broad definition of One Health with a definition of “emergency” that simply requires recognition of a threat rather than actual harm. When applied to WHO’s broad definition of health, being “physical, mental and social well-being,” almost all aspects of normal life could be included in its scope. Addressed through a proscriptive public health paradigm that encompasses global mandates, restrictions and censorship, those running this agenda have an opportunity for unprecedented power.

Exposing a cult

Evil is not defeated by hiding from it. It is fought by exposing the ideology that drives it – the greed, the lies and the deceit. We should not be overwhelmed by the scale and depth of wrongdoing. It may now be global but the people running it are as empty as those in past times, seeing the subjugation of others as the only way to address their internal inadequacies. Many more go along for the ride, doing their bidding to secure careers and pensions. This is normal and has been faced before.

In the end, mad ideologues collapse under the weight of their own deceit and the shallowness of their dogmas. The earth-mother religion of a corrupted One Health and the feudalist ambitions of its priests will be no different.

Read the full article HERE.

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