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The Intra Body Nano Network

The Thz networks are based on nanodevices constructed using graphene oxide as the main building block.The bluetooth signals emitted by some people and some dead people as well, originate from this network of nanodevices.

The Intra Body Nano Network

There is a lot of public research on this kind of networks in different universities and institutions around the world. Thz network technology has been around for some years, for now, it is disguised as a health monitoring solution, but most probably it is a driver for the 5G neuromodulation agenda. (Remember S. Piñeira, Chile's former president, announcing that 5G will be able of reading (or decoding) our thoughts and feelings.

It seems, the final move to massively deploy this tech, was the plandemic hoax. A decent motive to scare the population enough, so they'd be willing to get an injection against a "deathly virus". We have still, no traces of the Sars-cov2 or any sample of any other virus in biological form. We only have computerized genomes allegedly belonging to those undetermined agents called viruses. Let's remind the etymological meaning of the word virus, "poisonous substance". Not surprisingly, the description available in the previous link, brings you into the idea that the term "virus" is not longed used as such, due to moderate language evolution.

One of the leading scientists working in the THz networks domain is Professor Ian F. Akyildiz, whose main research field relates to the use of meta-materials like rGO build effective nanodevices by leveraging rGO high rate electrical conductivity properties. An example of these nanodevices could be the plasmonic antenna. See the microscopy images below.

Source: David Nixon

Using the nano minituarization technology these days, one can build a complex distributed system, able of navigating the human body, interacting with or at least collecting the electromagnetic signals from the brain, concretely from the neural cells.

As the description points out, the following video,

is by far the best video about the intra body Thz network that has been deployed into the injected population

This video is a compilation from several sources credited to a Bitchute channel.

There are other videos with information more focused in the technology itself and how has it being developed without anyone raising any concern, nor debate during the last 20 years.

Allegedly, more than one wistleblower that came out during the last 4 years, warning us about the dangers of this Bioweapon disguised as an injection, coming from a remote Biolab, researched by pyschopath scientists, did know, about the real deal. We know electromagnetic frequency, the cell towers, the 5G technology and the c19 injections are closely related, but we didn't know we were already full of RFID microchips and frequency directly targetting our energetic field.

The next video talks about that, in detail.

Unfortunately, this is how the things look like inside most of our bodies these days, and there is no sign in the foreseable future for things to improve. Having into consideration that this crap is literally everywhere, so there is no other solution than going through a cleasing or detoxifying process, often.

For sure you will find tones of websites, doctors, health advocates offering you the right protocol, the right supplement for every kind of symptom you can imagine. The truth is that you need to know how to eat and nourish yourself properly, taking into consideration that each one should find the proper, long term lasting balance. Furthermore, every one of us can adapt himself to diverse ways of eating or to diverse ways or digestion, so there must be one which fits you better than others. This is just a word to warn about the on-the-go solutions which will lead you really nowhere, talking in terms of vitality and healthy life.

If you live out of the countries affected by geoengineering programs, your are lucky enough to be able of live your life without breathing tones of toxic particles daily. If you live close to the ocean and you can swim on it, you are lucky as you can easily cleanse your body and stabilize the alcalinity of your skin.

Take care.


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