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The Lord Protector Abolishes Christmas

For the first time since the restoration of the Monarchy in England in 1660 Christmas has been abolished in many parts of the country.

The Lord Protector Abolishes Christmas

The original abolition of Christmas came just 417 years and three days earlier when a previous Lord Protector, Oliver Cromwell, came to power following the English Civil War.

“After the execution of the King”, states Wikipedia…

a republic was declared, known as the ‘Commonwealth of England’. The ‘Rump Parliament’ exercised both executive and legislative powers, with a smaller Council of State also having some executive functions. Cromwell remained a member of the ‘Rump’ and was appointed a member of the council.

Today, many regard the present Parliament as a ‘rump parliament’, or, to put it in the words of journalist Peter Hitchens, ‘a dead parrot parliament’. Attendance at the House of Commons has been severely restricted because of the claims of a deadly pandemic, despite a government announcement saying, “As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK” .

Lately there have been concerns that Boris Johnson has acquired dictatorial powers, making laws by decree, and possibly even marginalising the Queen.

His Council of State is known as SAGE, though with his latest announcement, it seems that that has been replaced by their ‘New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats’ (NERVTAG). One member of NERVTAG, Professor Neil Ferguson, had previously resigned from SAGE, after he was seen to break the government rules, which had arisen through the alarmist statistics of exponential growth of the pandemic, based on his own department’s statistics.

Speaking at a televised press conference in Clowning Street, Lord Protector Boris Johnson stated on 19 December that the Chrismas break in the COVID-19 restrictions would now be limited to just Christmas day in many parts of the country, and would be abolished altogether in others. However, a large part of Southern England, which had only three days previously had been put into Tier 3, would now be placed in a new Tier 4. He stated:

Residents in those areas must stay at home, apart from limited exemptions set out in law. Non-essential retail, indoor gyms and leisure facilities, and personal care services must close. People must work from home if they can, but may travel to work if this is not possible, for example in the construction and manufacturing sectors. People should not enter or leave tier 4 areas, and tier 4 residents must not stay overnight away from home. Individuals can only meet one person from another household in an outdoor public space.

Unlike the November national restrictions, communal worship can continue to take place in tier 4 areas.

These measures will take effect from tomorrow morning.

He didn’t explain how people will be able to attend places of communal worship if they must stay at home.

On the question of Christmas, he stated:

Given the early evidence we have on this new variant of the virus, and the potential risk it poses, it is with a heavy heart that I must tell you we cannot continue with Christmas as planned.

In England, those living in tier 4 areas should not mix with anyone outside their own household at Christmas, though support bubbles will remain in place for those at particular risk of loneliness or isolation.

Across the rest of the country, the Christmas rules allowing up to three households to meet will now be limited to Christmas Day only, rather than the five days as previously set out.

He explained that the reason for the changes was a “new variant of the virus”, which they  learned about earlier in the week. He stated:

As your Prime Minister, I sincerely believe there is no alternative open to me. Without action, the evidence suggests infections would soar, hospitals would become overwhelmed and many thousands more would lose their lives.

However, the only reference to the evidence was that they had none:

There is no evidence the variant causes more severe illness or higher mortality, but it does appear to be passed on significantly more easily. …

There is still much we don’t know. While we are fairly certain the variant is transmitted more quickly, there is no evidence to suggest that it is more lethal or causes more severe illness. Equally there is no evidence to suggest the vaccine will be any less effective against the new variant.

Following the press conference the government put out a press release, in which they list the areas which will come under Tier 4 as:

Kent, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Surrey (excluding Waverley), Gosport, Havant, Portsmouth, Rother and Hastings; London (all 32 boroughs and the City of London); and the East of England (Bedford, Central Bedford, Milton Keynes, Luton, Peterborough, Hertfordshire, Essex excluding Colchester, Uttlesford and Tendring).

Then, remarkably, they state:

In Tier 4 the ‘Stay At Home’ message will be put in law.

There was no explanation of how this would be put in law before coming into effect the following morning, as stated at the press conference. Was it put to Parliament overnight? Or has it been enacted by decree? It would appear to be the latter.

But how were we supposed to know what the law was, when we woke up the next morning?

A professor of Soviet and East European Comparative Law at the London School of Economics once explained to me that in the West we know what the law is before we break it, whereas in the Soviet Union they know what the law is only after they break it. So where is the legal text for that law? I suppose the rules are now different in the New Normal of the new Commonwealth of England under the new Lord Protector.

We all want to be protected from the deadly virus, even if it’s not considered to be a high consequence infectious disease in the UK. “When the science changes, we must change our response”, stated the Lord Protector. Indeed, the science being changed by YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, vested interests in the mass media, and of course Big Pharma.

Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage, who now leads the Reform Party, tweeted: “Congratulations Prime Minister and your experts, you have caused the first evacuation of London since 1939” in response to a tweet by Politics for All, showing a video of “Londoners fleeing from St Pancras this evening following the Tier 4 announcement”.

Comments are also coming in from mainstream churnalists.

BREAKING: Boris Johnson cancels Christmas. He’s therefore, by his own yardstick, inhuman

…tweeted Piers Morgan.

Cabinet members have been briefed that the PM expected to announce a Tier 4, tighter covid restrictions for London and SE at 4pm this afternoon – and will cut back on the planned relaxation of the rules over Christmas

…tweeted BBC churnalist Laura Kuensberg.

That sounds about right: ‘briefed’, not ‘consulted’, as would have been the case when we had Cabinet government.

I think, though, that many will suspect that the real reason for abolishing Christmas in a vast area of England may have something to do with the difficulties that current censorship is having in suppressing the increasingly large body of pandemic sceptics.

What else could the Lord Protector do to keep us safe?

Update 21 December:

Boris Johnson addressed the nation live this evening, regarding the recent travel restrictions imposed by France, as well as confirming “over 500,000 people in the UK have now received their first dose” of the vaccine.

He assured the public that the virus is “steadily being defeated by an international response that is bringing the hope of vaccines to the the entire world and, in that, the UK will continue to play its full part”.

He also essentially reaffirmed the above statements, as well as reemphasising that the transmissibility of the ‘new strain’ has ‘substantially’ increased, but with ‘no evidence’ that the disease is different in any other way  — ed.


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