The Magic of Microdosing Psychedelics
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The Magic of Microdosing Psychedelics

Imagine this; an artist with a years long project requires some inspiration.
The Magic of Microdosing Psychedelics

They are locked in their own mind, struggling on, hoping for a release of their emotions. So, they take a single crumb of a psilocybin mushroom, and with careful planning and adjustment, they are able to continue their craft with a more open mind and genuine heart. In a world clouded by screens and fleeting attention spans, artists find themselves closed off from inspires. How do you manage to realign yourself with the world? And how do you find your creative headspace to take on life to the fullest? Many have found solace in the magic of microdosing psychedelics. Microdosing is the act of taking a small amount of psychedelics to not induce a high but rather open the mind and feel more aware of the present moment. Usually, the amount taken is anywhere between one-tenth to one-twentieth of a recreational pose of whichever psychedelic you desire. As stated before, many people microdose in order to open their inhibitions in a safe and natural way. Unlike a full high, which will feature hallucinations and heightened emotions and feelings, microdosing allows the mind to gain a sharper edge. Those who want to be more active and open in conversation may wish to microdose. Beyond just the reported effects of growing confidence, microdosing is said to also grant faint euphoria, which aids with uplifting your mood. Microdosing can help replace caffeine, improve sleeping and eating habits, and allow for emotions and thoughts to flower easier through the mind. Imagine we are back in early March of 2020.

The COVID pandemic is creeping through the world. With it comes the stress of lockdowns, lost jobs, and failing health. This lurking danger forms anxiety deep within the hearts and minds of everyone. For my friend and coworker Ezza, this anxiety was enough to begin her journey into microdosing. Beginning with a small capsule (85ml) of psilocybin mushrooms every Monday and Thursday, Ezza at first noticed no obvious changes. Slowly but surely, though, she found herself sleeping more soundly and soothing any stress before it could be a detriment to her everyday life. Her work and creativity improved, all from two capsules a week. Ezza considered the time spent and decided she would be fine without continuing after her third month. This is how safely microdosing to improve your lifestyle should be done. Using a time period like three months to settle into the lifestyle and decide if you wish to continue it is necessary to ensure that you track your progress. Some people may need more than three months, others may stop after only two. All that matters is how you respond to the microdosing There are various resources and helplines that can aid in your microdosing journey. Countless current scientific articles like this one can be found via a simple Google search.

The Alchemist’s Kitchen has also partnered with various brands like Project CBD, who’s articles offer deeper insight into different psychedelics and their uses. Check out our past blog posts like The History and Rebirth of the Psilocybin Mushroom or How to Recover from a Bad Trip to learn more about the most popular natural psychedelic and to settle worries related to more extreme trips. An overall fantastic resource to use is The Third Wave. From amazing forums to an excellent education and academy section, Third Wave is the go-to source for microdosing information, scheduling, and procuring. The best part of microdosing is that a little goes a long way. With these resources, stories, and experiences all collected, go forth with the peace of mind and knowledge. And remember, you can stop at any time.

The point is to feel good and grow to be your truer, fuller self. Frankie Kavakich is a published prose and poetry writer and a practicing witch whose love for the occult and horror permeates their everyday life. For eight years, they have studied a variety of practices including kitchen witchery, chaos magick, divination, manifestation, and brujería. Within their writing, Frankie features numerous topics ranging from ghosts and spirits to the importance of community and reliance on nature's bounty.

Their great grandmother Nilda was a healer from the rain forests of Puerto Rico, and Frankie is endlessly inspired by the gentle hands and kind hearts of their ancestors.

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