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The Medicinal Power of Spagyrics

“Conscious consumers are seeking more potent and effective options from plant-based remedies to improve cognitive function, emotional balance, and immunity.

The Medicinal Power of Spagyrics

Here at The Alchemist’s Kitchen, we notice increasingly positive feedback from customers using advanced Spagryic formulations for various health issues, often replacing mainstream pharmaceutical choices.” Lou Sagar, Founder: The Alchemist’s Kitchen With the growing interest in “plant medicine,” herbalists and mycologists are revisiting the ancient alchemical extraction methodology known as “Spagyrics”. By utilizing new technologies in the lab, combined with a deeper study of this alchemical practice, we will likely see a resurgence of product offerings in the year ahead. Spagyrics are a powerful alchemical form of herbalism that uses herbs, mushrooms, stones, and other ingredients to create complex herbal tinctures with powerful properties. To fully understand the concept of spagyrics, one must understand the origins of this practice.

The term “spagyrics” comes from the Greek “sphakter,” meaning to separate. Throughout history, countless cultures, most notably the Greeks, Egyptians, and some medieval European civilizations, used spagyric alchemy. Spagyrics is an alchemical term for the ancient practice of extracting spiritual essence and essence from plants, minerals, and other substances through a combination of physical, chemical, and spiritual techniques. It is rooted in the medieval philosophy that “All is One,” meaning all aspects of Nature – the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – are connected. Stay connected on special events, classes, and savings. 15% OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE Spagyrics work to capture these essences and energies, making them available for use in rituals and elixirs. Recently, it has seen a resurgence as a method for capturing and amplifying the energetic signature of herbs, plants, and other natural substances. This ancient system of alchemy and healing can help us on our physical and mental well-being journey. This unique approach combines elements of astrology, herbs, essential oils, and flower essences to help heal physical and emotional issues, allowing for deeper spiritual exploration and healing. Through the practice of spagyrics, individuals can experience deeper relaxation, stress reduction, mental clarity, emotional balance, increased spiritual awareness, and improved overall physical health. In spagyric alchemy, you first use solvents like alcohol to separate and concentrate the essence of a plant. This essence, which contains the essence of the plant’s active ingredients, is combined with various herbs and other natural elements and cooked for several days at a specific temperature.

The resulting elixir can contain some of the same active ingredients of the plant but in a concentrated form, allowing it to have a much more powerful effect. Spagyric herbs are also imbued with their energetics and have an effect beyond that of just the physical ingredients of the herbs used in the elixir.

They work on the spiritual, energetic, and physical levels when consumed. For example, nettles used in a spagyric may be useful for boosting one’s spiritual and physical energies while also improving immunity and overall health. Aloe, calendula, comfrey, eyebright, hawthorn, lavender, mullein, rosemary, skullcap, and yarrow are all popular spagyric herbs.

These herbs have unique properties and use in spagyric remedies, including being dried and combined into tinctures or elixirs for internal and topical treatments. A brilliant example of a modern spagyric would be the Harmony, Clarity, and Joy Mushroom Tinctures.

These delightful spagyrics use the power of mushrooms to shift how our body and brain see the world for a time. For a divine spagyric experience, why not check out the Divinity Trio? The Sol Drops will energize you.

The Cosmos Drops will strengthen your dreams, and the Lun Drops will relax your spirit. For a more mental-focused spagyric, the Mind Spagyric Tincture is here to help you focus and complete tasks! Try out these spagyrics to see their effects in action, and let us know in the comments what you experienced! One of the major advantages of spagyrics is their power and potency.

They are often much more potent than standard herbal tinctures and are effective for many issues. Spagyrics also work quickly and powerfully. Many herbalists who use spagyrics in their practice have reported that the herbs start to work immediately, making it a powerful choice for quick and effective healing. Spagyrics utilizes plants and their chemical constituents to create remedies to address both physical and mental concerns. Plants are extracted, purified, and altered in spagyrics, allowing for greater therapeutic benefits than herbalism alone. Using plant-based extracts, essential oils, and flower essences in combination, spagyrics can treat various illnesses, including skin disorders, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, depression, and more. Spagyrics can also help us cultivate a greater awareness of the spiritual elements of our life.

The use of astrology, in particular, helps to guide individuals on their spiritual journey while providing valuable insight into how the cosmic energies of the planets and stars can impact our lives. This deeper awareness can also allow us to gain greater insight into our personal strengths and weaknesses and how to work with them. By combining herbalism, essential oils, astrology, and flower essences, spagyrics offers an effective, comprehensive approach to healing physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. Spagyrics provides a safe and gentle method of achieving desired results, whether seeking relief from physical pain, emotional imbalance, or spiritual disconnect. Spagyrics is truly an incredible tool for transforming and evolving, providing lasting improvements to one’s physical and mental health, emotional well-being, and spiritual connection. If you want to learn more about the power of spagyrics, be sure to check out our Youtube page for informational videos and clips from our in-store events. Always keep an eye on our event board as well to see if there are any classes you may be interested in! We at The Alchemist’s Kitchen are here to help you on your herbal journey.

The Alchemist's Kitchen is dedicated to connecting you with the power of plants. We believe strongly in the education and instruction on the use of all whole plant formulations and herbal remedies.

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