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The ‘New Normal’ Lexicon

The ‘New Normal’ Lexicon

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Extracts from ‘The New Normal Lexicon’ by Greta Reset, Professor of Neology at Schwabgate University.


Mask eye: the nasty beady-eyed glare, a mix of hatred and fear, given by a ‘maskaholic” to someone not wearing a ‘face covering’.

Maskaholic: Someone who wears their mask regardless of the surroundings e.g. alone in a car, on the top of a mountain or under water.

Face covering: Absolutely anything used to cover the lower half of the face in order to comply with regulations and gain access to a restricted zone – anything will do as efficacy in preventing disease transmission is not a requirement: underpants, a chiffon scarf, a hairnet.

There is also no requirement for face coverings to be disposed of safely after use, so these can be thrown on the street or over the landscape for children to play with and animals to choke on.

Vaccine hesitancy: Selfishly declining, or considering declining, a ‘vaccine’, especially an experimental one, usually based on a personal risk/benefit analysis, a deficit of fear and a belief in right wing nonsense like informed consent and bodily integrity.

Vaccine hesitancy causes the perpetuation of ‘lockdown’, masks and ‘social distancing’ by governments, who really don’t want to do these things, but you know…blame them. (See also: Antivaxxer).

Antivaxxer: Anyone who declines or criticises any of the Covid-19 vaccines, regardless of their reasons and general attitude towards vaccination – even if they are a well-regarded medical scientist who has been involved in the development of vaccines for many years. Any evidence produced by the antivaxxer is irrelevant because proof denies faith and without faith ‘The Science’ is nothing.

Age standardised mortality rate: The gold standard measure of all-cause mortality in a nation for the purposes of comparisons with other years. Consequently, it is never used by government or media, who prefer instead an open-ended tally of people who died within 28 (or even 60 days) of a PCR test.

PCR Test: The Polymerase chain reaction test was invented by American biochemist Kary Mullis who won the Nobel Prize for his discovery. PCR is able to magnify DNA samples to identify even minute quantities of a virus and is used on a rising scale of magnification called “cycles”.

Mullis, who died in 2019, was emphatic that his invention could not identify and diagnose infectious disease and consequently it has been used throughout the past year to do just that.

Head of the AIAID Anthony Fauci is on the record as saying that use of PCR of 35 cycles or more mean that the test is essentially meaningless in terms of determining infectious disease and would result in ‘false positives’ – but the protocol produced by German scientist Christian Drosten, which was based on a computer model rather than an isolated and sequenced sample of the virus and was peer-reviewed in 48 hours, recommended a cycle of 45.

This was then picked up by the WHO and used practically everywhere until the WHO told everyone to stop in January because it was meaningless. (See also: ‘The Science’).

The Science: A subset of scientific knowledge which cannot be challenged on the basis of empirical data or repeatable experiment because it has been ‘settled’ by the consensus between the subset of ‘experts’ who adhere to it.

Social distancing: Dystopian name given to the arbitrary physical distance recommended or by ‘experts’ or imposed by government to prevent ‘asymptomatic spread’. Should really be called ‘physical distancing’, but isn’t.

Asymptomatic spread: The curious idea that disease is spread in any significant way by people who are physically well, regardless of all previous (and most current) scientific evidence. The reason for ‘lockdown’.

Lockdown: A phrase borrowed from the penal system to denote protecting the health of the nation by inflicting isolation, missed education, stress and fear, limited healthcare and economic devastation on the whole of society, regardless of actual risk to individuals or proof of efficacy, to prevent ‘asymptomatic spread’.

Three weeks: Perpetuity (see ‘Lockdown’).

Nursing homes: Sssshhh! We don’t talk about that anymore. Look here comes another variant!

Case: Someone otherwise perfectly healthy who has unaccountably presented themselves for testing with a PCR test conducted so that it would find viral strands on Howard Hughes’s gloves.

R Number: a metric in epidemiology denoting the ability of a virus to spread. Once of vital importance and obsessively tracked and announced by the government and media on a daily basis it is now just sooooo 2020, darling – it’s all about variants this year don’cha know.

Infection fatality rate (IFR): Probably the most important metric in assessing the lethality of a pathogen, IFR is the percentage of infected people who die. For SARS-CoV-2 the current estimate is between 0.24% and 0.15% – for comparison bad flu is between 0.1 and 0.2% and rabies is 100%. Due to its vital importance, IFR is never mentioned by the mainstream media and most people have no idea what it means.

Variant: something 99.7% identical to an original thing, but with a scary name and good PR e.g. “the quadrupal super-deadly [insert random geographical location] superspreader variant”

Superspreader event: Politically inconvenient gathering or event with a large number of people behaving normally, that subsequently does not spread anything except love, unity and information.

‘Expert’: Someone occupying an eminent position in academia who says the right things.

Source of misinformation: Someone occupying an eminent position in academia who says the wrong things (cf. ‘Expert’)

Influencers: Celebrities, Vloggers or social media figures with many followers who use their reach and popularity to persuade people of the wisdom of government policy about which they know less than nothing, usually in return for payments from the public purse.

Also includes brave heroes like those at the 77 Brigade, who fight the dangerous war against dis/misinformation from the doughnut and coffee-infested virtual trenches of an MOD computer suite (see also SPI-B)

SPI-B: The Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviours – a group of psychologists, government officers and law enforcement “experts’ tasked with the vital role of making sure that the public are suitably terrified during a time of public health crisis – particularly by making them aware of said crisis and making it super-scary through ominous messaging in the media.

SPI-B work on the thoroughly ethical concept of using fear to elicit compliance, which has never yet been misused in human history and which has never damaged the mental and physical health of a populace or affected democracy, social harmony or freedom in any way.

Vaccine: Traditionally a preparation of dead viral matter introduced to stimulate immune response and prevent infection – but now not so much that.

Vaxtrovert: Someone who gleefully tells anyone and everyone all about their vaccine experience without any prompting or particular desire to hear about the subject on the part of their interlocutors.

Public health policy: Focus on a single potential cause of death or illness to the exclusion of all others.

Herd immunity: Literally a fascist concept/policy…unless brought about by mass vaccination.

Adverse reaction: Totally coincidental illness or death following vaccination.

Health Passport: see: ‘Dompass’ and ‘kennkarte’.

Great Reset: Collosal resource grab and imposition of centralised technocratic control system – but with nice words like ‘equity’, ‘sustainability and ‘diversity’ thrown in to make it feel all warm and cuddly (see: ‘Build back better’, ‘Agenda 21/2030’ and ‘dystopian nightmare’)

Build back better: For oligarchs, not for you peasants.

Freedom: Slavery

Ignorance: Strength

The Nuremberg Code:…is that a Dan Brown novel?

Freedom of speech: Just watch what you say…

Rule of Law/civil rights: Sorry, what?


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