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The origin of life, consciousness and gene editing

The general public has been educated to regard DNA as the molecule which unravelled the mystery of the origin of life.

The origin of life, consciousness and gene editing

When you hear that a mystery is solved, there is a tendency to want to go home, put your feet up, stop worrying, and start looking for something more interesting such as pizza and chips or a good movie.

In fact, the suggestion that we know how life originated is not just an oversimplification, it is a completely misleading suggestion.

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By Dr. Guy Hatchard

DNA does not function as a naked molecule. It only acts within the cell. Molecular mechanisms in the cell read the information in the DNA and translate this into hundreds of proteins used in the body for a myriad of functions. The transcription and translation of genetic information is achieved via a complex information-processing system utilising many types of nucleic acids (mRNA, tRNA, and others) and many specific enzymes. These form a tightly integrated system of systems. 

More than a hundred highly complex proteins are involved in translation. The paradox therein has not escaped commentators, these proteins cannot themselves be made except by DNA. The late British philosopher Sir Karl Popper mused for example: 

“What makes the origin of life and the genetic code a disturbing riddle is this: the code cannot be translated except by certain products of its own translation.”

In simple terms, the cell presents a chicken and egg paradox. It is impossible to decide which came first – proteins or DNA. Cells present a complex system of multiple interdependent parts and it is therefore hard to imagine how the whole system came into being. It is a self-referral system which functions holistically.

Self-referral systems point to fundamental principles and laws that characterise the search for unified field theories of physics. 

Let’s conceptually break down cellular functions: 

  • DNA contains strings of information, like the software programme of a computer.
  • The information in the DNA is accessed by forms of RNA, aided by multiple enzymatic proteins and then conveyed to the ribosome.
  • The ribosome manufactures proteins, some of which are the same proteins which aid transcription and translation of DNA.
  • Crucially the whole system is integrated within the cell – it refers to itself.

Do we know any other systems which work in an analogous self-referral way? Yes, we do. Our everyday process of experience in which there is an observer, a process of observation, and an object of perception all integrated within our consciousness, our sense of self. In this analogy: 

  • The DNA is like the observer – which is both a constant controlling source of information for the whole project of perception whose memory gets updated by events or experiences
  • The RNA is like the process of observation, it reads the DNA and it connects with and creates proteins.
  • The proteins are similar to the objects of our perception, they are very diversified and active like our environment, and they keep us alive.
  • Our abstract consciousness or sense of self and identity is a silent witness to the whole process and keeps it all together.

This three-in-one structure of consciousness is therefore a source candidate for the origin of life. The more so, because one primary function of our physiology as a whole seems to be to act as a platform for consciousness to express itself. 

Cells divide and thereby replicate themselves. Each new human life begins with a single cell which grows into a complete person through replication. Imagine a machine which makes Lego bricks. Lego bricks are inanimate. Each new Lego brick is independent of every other Lego brick. It takes the consciousness of a person to assemble them into something meaningful.

Cells however are alive, as they divide and grow, each new cell is connected with a whole system, each new cell is connected to the unique identity of the person – their consciousness. Cells are bound together, not just mechanistically, but they are part of a system that is alive in the sense that a person is alive – creative, intelligent, self-aware, emotional, and so on.

Our physiology has an extraordinary capacity to coordinate the activity of trillions of diverse types of cells and structures within a single whole system internally communicating while maintaining homeostasis and repair. This also supports a consistent human identity which at the same time communicates intelligently with other humans. This points to the involvement of more universal abstract unified physical laws and also to the primary role of consciousness in human life and physiology.

Consciousness is a very good candidate for the source of individual life forms for other reasons. In the structure of natural law, more fundamental explanatory principles are always more abstract. Consciousness is undoubtedly the most abstract concept with which we are familiar.

The qualities which regulate cellular function are also analogous to the functions of consciousness in other very important ways. In the cellular environment and whole system these factors are crucial:

Shape – molecules have to fit into spaces to function and may also form larger systems aided by quasi crystallization processes and molecular folding. There are “jigsaw” or “lock and key” mechanisms whereby only certain components of a molecule can bond with other molecules.

Viscosity – the cellular system is a “wet” or fluid environment whose characteristics must remain optimised for smooth transport of components.

Navigation – cellular components must be able to navigate their way around the cell. This is no small task, there are 42 million molecules in the average cell.

Vibration – there are vibrational modes of all molecules which are modulated by their energy and the temperature of the cellular environment. There are integrated energy sources in cells and feedback loops to maintain this and other functions.

Timing – the sequences of events and their timing are crucial for cellular function.

These processes bear some relationship with the physiology of perception and decision-making. These could be the subject of future discussion, but for the moment consider the complexity of the cell and its dependence on its own self-referral integrated functioning. 

The introduction, as happens with mRNA vaccination, of foreign genetically active components could and does upset this integrated balanced functioning. The introduced genetic material has functions that differ from expected cellular functions, it has a different shape, carries different information, bonds and folds differently, etc.

What does this mean in layman’s terms? This Christmas we had some guests who used our clothes dryer. Unaware of its routine care, they failed to empty the condensed water before using it, it overflowed internally and the dryer stopped working. Yesterday I took it to bits, cleaned and dried it out, and now it works again. Effectively I reset it to its factory condition. Very often complex equipment such as computers have software fixes to restore initial factory settings, which are used in case the parameters or sequence of instructions have failed. However, this doesn’t solve all problems as every computer owner eventually finds out.

Cells have their own internal reset buttons. Every day hundreds of thousands of repair jobs are carried out in each cell whereby the integrity of DNA and a myriad of other crucial parameters are preserved. mRNA vaccination actually aims to override these safety factors and re-task some cells to perform an entirely different function. You can imagine what can go wrong. The cell may never recover its factory settings. It might, and research now shows it often does, go on producing toxic spike protein and sending it around the physiology for some time. We are left like a little child, who having inquisitively torn off the arms of its favourite toy, sits and weeps with disappointment when parental repairs are not possible.

Having investigated and proposed an intimate connection between the cell and consciousness. It appears obvious that mRNA vaccination could put the integrity and stability of our consciousness, physiology, survival, and even our identity at risk. Certainly we are seeing an unprecedented range of adverse effects proximate to mRNA vaccination extending to neurology, cancers, and cardiac effects affecting organs, and organ systems. Such effects appear in some cases to be related to the dispersion of inoculated foreign genetic material in physiology carrying rogue instructions.

Health systems around the world are struggling to arrive at effective responses to these adverse effects. A sensible diet, exercise, and rest are always an aid to health conditions along with many other approaches known to medicine, but the extent that these can facilitate the self-repair of deliberate genetic modification is unknown. 

Because consciousness is fundamental to physiology, there are reasonable grounds to suppose there are techniques of meditation, technologies of consciousness, which can at least partially assist with recovery from health conditions resulting from mRNA vaccination. I have discussed these at length elsewhere in my book ‘Your DNA Diet’ along with over 800 references to research demonstrating physiological, psychological, and sociological benefits of meditation. 

However, there is no evidence at present suggesting this or any other approach will be curative for serious long-term damage from genetic modification. There appears, in the case of those who might be seriously impacted by genetic dysfunction, to be no external reset button to rewind the clock of gene editing. There are no known magic bullets. Any possible efficacy concerning recovery would first have to be assessed by research.

The main point I want to make in this article is to emphasise the extreme risks of genetic manipulation. Nature’s designer went to great lengths to place the cell and especially the cell nucleus off limits to interference and modification. It is at the core of life and its perpetuation via reproduction. Nature similarly ring-fenced the nucleus of the atom for very good reasons. If we were unsure in any way before the pandemic about the safety of gene editing, there should be no doubt now. It should be off limits. Its continued use is an unfolding catastrophe. 

At GLOBE.GLOBAL we are calling for Global Legislation Outlawing Biotechnology Experimentation.

About the Author

Guy Hatchard, PhD, was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a global food testing and safety company (now known as FoodChain ID). You can subscribe to his websites and GLOBE.GLOBAL for regular updates by email. GLOBE.GLOBAL is a website dedicated to providing information about the dangers of biotechnology.

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