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The Paradox: When People Say They Love Animals But Eat Meat (Video)

The Paradox: When People Say They Love Animals But Eat Meat (Video)

We have tagged this article as as it imposes a serious spin on the topic.
If not more explanation provided, this article is included as propaganda because it shows clear manufacture from a government controlled dialectic, where a topic is misdirected by some actors in order to mislead people during early stages of a narrative.

(Image provided by Dana Ellyn First off, let’s just get something out of the way: I am by no means placing judgment, blame or shame on those of who consume meat, I am merely offering an opportunity to reflect after watching the below video. Although, I do not personally eat meat, I do not label myself as a ‘vegetarian’ or ‘vegan’ or feel superior to anyone who is choosing to consume meat and other animal products. With that said, the following video is an excellent example that represents millions of people who swear they love animals, but are still choosing to eat meat.

There is a disconnect, and there is no doubt about that. Because we often find our food skinned, chopped, sliced and packaged so neatly, we aren’t fully aware of the processes that it took for that package to end up in a perfect row in the grocery store refrigerator unit. When we grab a pack of bacon, we aren’t thinking of the cute little piggy that had to die in order for that bacon to end up there. It’s easy to contribute to something when it is so out of sight, out of mind. “Bacon or steak we look at those things as pieces of meat on our plate, not something that wants to snuggle in your arms.” See how easy it is for these people to question their diet and lifestyle after one simple interaction with a cute little piglet? If you are someone who consumes meat, have you ever asked yourself, if you weren’t able to go to the store and pick up those steaks, or chicken breasts all chopped up, and plucked and skinned etc. would you be willing to do it yourself in order to have that meal? Our westernized culture tends to think of it as disgusting that people in some countries in Asia eat dogs, and actually breed dogs for the sole purpose of consumption. But what about the people of India who worship the cow and wouldn’t dream of eating a steak or meatloaf? As Paul McCartney once said, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls we’d all be vegetarians”. This is a great point! Because so many of us are simply unaware of the horrors that are taking place on factory farms we continue to support these industries. If people were truly aware of the suffering and mass genocide that is taking place on factory farms, I truly believe they would at least cut down their meat consumption, or find more ethical alternatives. All animals are sentient beings that have just as much of a right to live as your dog, cat or goldfish.. even yourself! With that being said however, I don’t expect the world to give up meat overnight. But with this awareness we can begin to choose other options: we can start to eat less meat, we can incorporate more meat free meals into our days, we can try other options, we can choose ethically sourced meat and animal products. We can choose to not support factory farms! This is something we can all do right away. If you’re thinking, I would if I could afford it, be aware this is simply a story that you are telling yourself. Meat and cheese are the two most expensive items per pound in any grocery store. By cutting back on your meat consumption, you will save enough money to make the more ethically sourced products a reality. This is a giant step in the right direction. Nobody wants to see animals being harmed, at least not the vast majority of people on this planet, and if we could actively do something to stop this from happening, why wouldn’t we? We all have a say in what is happening around the world, and by using your dollar to support those companies that are doing the right thing, you are casting a vote for the type of world you are living in, what kind of world do you want? This is up to you to decide. We can ALL do our part and be the change we wish to see in the world. Much Love .

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