The Secret Of The Red Shirts & Why it Will Change Your Life—Forever

The secret of the red shirts will change your life.It’s so easy that it takes seconds to learn—and so powerful; the long-term benefits are extraordinary.

. Why is this secret so powerful? – Because you’ll discover how to instantly shift your focus, which ensures you’re always 100% focused on what matters most in your life. – Because you’ll effortlessly dodge distractions—and the life-sucking stress that they create. – Because you’ll train your brain to automatically seek out what you really want in life (instead of just reacting to life’s distractions). – Because it’s proven to work for everyone, whether you’re male, female, young or old, rich or poor—this simple strategy will work for you. Here’s how it works... Let’s imagine that you and I are sitting next to each other at a crowded stadium.

There are tens of thousands of people around. And I look over to you and say... “Hey, close your eyes. Now tell me: how many red shirts did you see?” Chances are, you didn’t notice many red shirts. But now you’re thinking about them, and in doing so, you’ve trained your conscious awareness to look for red shirts. And now you see them everywhere. You see red shirts to your left, to your right, down the field and up in the rafters. In fact, you can’t help but notice the red shirts on the people sitting next to you. And then you look down and realize... you’re wearing a red shirt, too! In this moment, your perspective—and therefore your life—changes. Although you were surrounded by red shirts the whole time, they remained hidden in plain sight until you actively looked for them. This simple idea is extremely powerful. To see what I mean, try replacing “red shirt” with: This simple tactic works. For example, ask yourself, “where are the things that will make me truly happy?” Once you start looking for your red shirts—you’ll be amazed at what you find. Not just one or two things will appear to your keen eye; you’ll see dozens, hundreds, perhaps even thousands of things that will bring you inspiration, happiness, and joy.

They were around you the whole time. All you needed was to apply the secret of the red shirts to see them. Ask yourself: what really matters most to you right now? Is it finding a new job? Reconnecting with old friends? Planning your next big adventure? Raising your newborn baby? Once you’ve determined what’s most important, look around with fresh eyes, as if you’re trying to find the red shirts. Ask yourself: You’ll quickly discover dozens—or maybe even hundreds or thousands—of resources you can use to help you achieve your goals. Resources that have been around you this whole time, just waiting to be seen—and used. This is especially true in familiar situations. When you find yourself going through your usual routine, ask yourself the above questions. Because the biggest solutions are often right in front of you, hidden in plain view. As I mentioned at the beginning, this only takes a second to learn, but a lifetime to master. Now that you’ve discovered the technique, practice applying it in different ways and watch the breakthroughs happen. Because here’s the secret: the more you pay attention, the more you discover about your world—and yourself. .

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