The Secret To Living Your Soul Purpose

I have met countless individuals who want to find and live their soul purpose.

So many people ask themselves, “What am I really here for?” They ponder and watch YouTube videos in an effort to inspire and motivate themselves into action. I know this pattern intimately because I was there once too. Before I started working with my clients, I would watch videos on how to discover my purpose. I read articles like this one. I wrote down lists of potential careers I’d like to try but I always felt completely hopeless at the end of the day. Until I took action. In my case, I invested in a program called the Emotion Code. It was my first healing modality that I would be certified in. When I finally decided to step out of my comfort zone and invest my time, energy, and money into a completely new avenue, I found clarity! It was brilliant! I found something that was fun for me and it eventually lead me to working with clients and realizing my soul purpose. I know now that if I hadn’t taken action that day, I’d likely still be sitting around in an office job wondering what my calling was. This is what the problem is: too many spiritual seekers focus on the intention/visualizing/meditating part of the manifesting process and neglect to jump in when a new option presents itself. This is like taking all of your ingredients out of the fridge and then forgetting to put them in the pot to cook. Don’t get me wrong, you need to take your ingredients out of the fridge. You need to have an idea of what you’d like to cook before you can cook it. But the meal is never going to cook itself. You wouldn’t expect it to either. Yet so many spiritual seekers find themselves confused when they don’t manifest new results.

They don’t invest in new programs, they don’t go out and apply for a new job, they don’t start the process of creating their own business. So many people are in love with their comfort zones.

They love talking and dreaming and wishing but when it comes to taking action to support those dreams, they’re terrified. When fear outweighs your passion, you get stuck. You meet resistance and won’t be able to change. People that live their soul purpose have to consistently take action to turn their dreams/desires/intentions into reality.

Their passion outweighed their fear. It doesn’t mean they weren’t afraid. Everyone experiences fear.

The difference is in the intensity of their passion. What do you dream of accomplishing? What do you want to do with your life? How many supporting actions have you put behind your intentions? Do your actions reflect your beliefs? If you believe in Oneness, how have you made the world a better place through your actions? If you believe in abundance, who have you shared your abundance with? If you believe in love, who have you expressed your love to? A lot of people talk; not many walk their talk. Are your actions supporting your beliefs? Or are you avoiding taking actions to support your goals? Avoiding new action keeps you feeling stuck. When your life feels stagnant, you’ll often feel depressed, frustrated, anxious, and confused. If you’re feeling any of these things, take a look at your life and see where you can take new action. Where do you need to invest your time, energy, and resources to support your ultimate goal? What negative influences do you need to let go of? What addictions are keeping you distracted from making these changes? Become aware of your patterns then take action to correct them and manifest new results. Don’t allow your fear to outweigh your passion. Take actions in spite of the fear and you’ll change your life. Do you ever feel like you’re looking everywhere for the answers? Do you feel anxious and uncertain when you think about what you’re meant to do in this world? Do you wish someone could teach you HOW to discover your soul purpose for yourself? I’ve helped over 2.5 million spiritual seekers develop their intuition and discover their soul purpose. If you’re interested in getting FREE spiritual seeker content and weekly angel readings delivered straight to your inbox, click here. Thanks for reading! .

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