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The Time You Spend in the Shower Might Determine How Lonely You Are

Whether you’re the type to take a five-minute shower in the morning or a luxurious hour-long soak in the tub in the evening, it might be able to say a lot about how lonely you are.

The Time You Spend in the Shower Might Determine How Lonely You Are

Loneliness can look different to everybody, but the most general definition is to say that loneliness is the disappointment you feel in not feeling as socially connected to others as you feel you should be. Loneliness can look different to everybody and we all accept our loneliness in different ways, explains an article in Psychology Today [1], surprisingly pointing out that it doesn’t actually have anything to do with the number of friends you have. One can be surrounded by people who love them but still feel lonely within themselves.

There may be a reason for someone’s loneliness, but sometimes it’s just a feeling that we all experience from time to time, but luckily, this study shows how you can use it to your advantage. Yale University carried out a study [2] into the way we clean ourselves and how this can link to how lonely we feel.

The study looked at 51 college students and their levels of loneliness combined with their everyday habits, to determine if our shower/bathing routines affect our emotional states.

The research on physical warmth and social connection found that the hot water in the shower can act as a warm companion, warding off feelings of loneliness. John Bargh, Ph.D., psychologist, and researcher from the University, spoke about the study, saying “the lonelier a person is, the more showers and baths they take, the hotter the water, and the longer they stay under the water.” Surprisingly, our emotional coldness can actually be linked to our physical coldness, meaning when we are surrounded by something warm – such as hot water – we immediately feel warmer emotionally. Simple things such as wearing a sweater or holding a warm drink can also mimic this feeling to some extent. So next time you’re feeling lonely – pour yourself a cup of hot tea, cuddle up with a warm jumper and soft blanket, and embrace your emotions! It doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Do you take a long time in the shower? Or does it depend on your mood? Do you agree with these findings? I’d say they’re pretty accurate from my personal experience – let me know your thoughts in the comments! References:.

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