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“The Wild Rhythms” Excerpt by Kat Villain

“The Wild Rhythms” Excerpt by Kat Villain

Kat Villain is an herbalist, yogi, and author of “A Timeless Birth”, “Yoga as Origami”, and soon to be released “The Wild Rhythms.” To celebrate her upcoming release we are offering a virtual Book Club where we’ll work through the text to integrate each individual back into the rhythms of the natural world early in September! Using the rhythms of the earth to one’s advantage increases abundance, togetherness, and purpose. This course will awaken the wild within the modern. Using the rhythms of the sun and the moon offers effective tools and practices to harness inner power, strengthen resolve, and align more clearly to one’s deepest desires. While many of us are waiting to join the book club to read Kat’s beautiful prose, others may turn to “The Wild Rhythms” excerpt like the one below to understand the energy of the spring awakening around us.

There is a natural rhythm in all of us, and the moment we allow that rhythm to take a more wild edge is the moment we open our hearts up to the natural world. Take advantage of the wild rhythms by taking a nature walk or spending time in the sun. Even a moment spent outside can help heal your body and mind after a winter spent bundled up indoors. Spring awakens with you, so take advantage of that warm sun and greenery now! Below is an excerpt of “The Wild Rhythms” “Many of you have been listening to my whisperings, Your Weekly Dose Of Wellness Receive the latest savings, events, herbal education and 10% Off your first purchase. observing my rhythms, and rekindling this fire that has laid dormant in the bones of your ancestors. This wisdom hovers in and out of consciousness: we are family, we are coming home, we are all one. Let these pages ignite a spark. Allow these words to fan the fire that burns through the lethargy of disconnect. Invoke this wisdom and unearth my Great Nature through careful observation of what is alive within you. Pay attention to the organic world that is wild with knowledge and foresight; tap into this super- consciousness, and through it you will find your way back to me. Humans have evolved into self-conscious beings. This perceptive awareness makes your species unique, as it enables you to craft art, build a skillset, gather in community, share in collective visioning, and it entrains you with logic and reason. It allows you to perceive my beauty, rather than solely residing in its bountiful web. It also allows you to experience a unique form of love that no other creatures feel. It is these conscious acts from creative urges that allow you to cultivate a communal culture while refining this vested interest in living and mutually exchanging each of your divine gifts. This lends to an active participation in beautifying life. On the other hand, too much emphasis on selfhood has polarized and created other. Separation has resulted, as well as unending destruction and unnecessary suffering. It is time to free yourselves of this disease; it is time to come home. Know that you are not designed to suffer, nor are you meant to experience chronic pain. This is a symptom of disharmony. My comforting rhythms are a reference point for you to use so that you understand how to come back into alignment. Observations from the natural world enable you to move into greater alignment within and without. As above, so below.” The Alchemist's Kitchen is dedicated to connecting you with the power of plants. We believe strongly in the education and instruction on the use of all whole plant formulations and herbal remedies.

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