The World’s Largest Solar Thermal Power Plant Is Now Generating Power
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The World’s Largest Solar Thermal Power Plant Is Now Generating Power

The amazing Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System uses 300,000 computer-controlled mirrors, to focus Sunlight to the top of 459-foot towers, where water is turned into steam to power turbines..
The World’s Largest Solar Thermal Power Plant Is Now Generating Power

The implications of this new project are great, but even more amazing solutions exist. President Obama has repeated time and time again that he will use executive authority to move forward his climate change agenda. He referenced climate change in his State of the Union address, completely lying to the public that a shift to a cleaner energy economy will be hard. He emphasized that there aren’t any new clean green technologies we can use, that we will be using oil, coal and gas for the next few decades.

The human population is waking up, we are well aware of clean green energy generating technologies. We have free energy for example, which directly contradicts what Obama is saying. “These concepts have been proven in hundreds of laboratories throughout the world and yet they have not really seen the light of day. If these technologies were to be set free worldwide, the change would be profound, it would be applicable everywhere.

These technologies are absolutely the most important thing that have happened in the history of the world” – Brian O’leary, Former NASA Astronaut and Princeton Physics Professor (Source) Even if you don’t believe in the concept of free energy, it’s clear we have much better ways of generating energy. It’s time for our planet to make this shift, and it’s time to do it now. Today, the world’s largest solar plant began operation. It’s called the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System. This is a great example of what we are capable of.

The key is cooperation and sharing. Why should money always come in the way of necessity? The truth is that it doesn’t. At full capacity, this facility produces a gross total of 392 megawatts (MW) of solar power. That’s enough electricity to provide 140,000 homes in California with clean green energy and cut out approximately half a million metric tones of carbon dioxide per year. We have solutions, it’s time to get rid of the excuses as to why we cannot implement them. Again, money should never, and does not have to come in the way of necessity. It’s time to cooperate and work together, it’s amazing what we are capable of, we just need to rid ourselves of the limitations we’ve created for ourselves, and create something new. Humanity is continually creeping toward this reality. Sources: .

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