These 12 Kids Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

The woes of being a grownup and the political stresses of the world have many adults living in a constant state of anxiety.

But children embody a sense of peace and optimism that few adults remember how to achieve. Still seeing the beauty in this world, they are beautiful little reminders that if we approach this world with a childlike sense of wonder and curiosity, things really aren’t as bad as they seem. Children experience the joy of being present. Before they get programmed by society about race, judgment, money, competition, gender inequality and more, they see each other just as we are, unique beautiful beings. Something we can remind ourselves of everyday and these pictures help us do just that. You’ll find in these images that even in the midst of ruin, destruction, doubt, and hopelessness, they rise above the adult tendencies of self-doubt and anxiety by staying positive and taking action. 8 year old Noah completed a mini-triathlon in Boise, Idaho with his little brother Lucas, who suffers from a rare genetic condition called lissencephaly which made him unable to walk, talk, or eat on his own. Ariana was watching a video from Extra Life, a charity that raises money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, which featured a girl who didn’t have any hair. “She asked why the little girl had no hair. We explained that she was sick and that the medicine they were using made her hair fall out,” said Josh Smith, Ariana’s father. “Without a second thought, Ariana said ‘Oh, well she can have some of my hair’ ” Christian McPhilamy endured bullying for 2 1/2 years to grow his hair long enough to donate 10-inches for wigs for children being treated for cancer. He was inspired by a St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital advertisement he saw on TV. This boy accrued $120 by saving for the whole year, then asked his father if he would use the money to buy lunches for the homeless in Houston City. This boy told his mother that some kids in his class don’t eat their lunch. His mother asked why, and he replied, “Cause’ they don’t have one, Mommy. Can I bring them some of mine?” She agreed to his wonderful idea and helped him prepare lunches for the children who didn’t have any. These girls came together to tie coats around poles in Canada to help keep the homeless warm. A young boy named Belal risked his life to help save a fawn from drowning in surging waters in Bangladesh. This boy saved a puppy from a flood in Asia, continuing to prove that any life is worth saving. These two boys teamed up to rescue a stray dog. 9-year-old Ken from the Philippines created a ‘No Kill Shelter’ in his garage with the help of kind donors. “The official at the pound said most dogs are put down because only 20-30% of owners claim their dogs, and no animal welfare organization is doing something about it. I want to save as many of those dogs as I can from being killed for no reason.” This young girl can’t help but shelter this stray dog from the monsoon rains in Mumbai. This little girl can’t resist the urge to mend the tears this Japanese politician is shedding. 9 year-old Josef Miles helps to deliver a crystal clear message to protest the Westboro Baptist Church rally. This little guy doesn’t deny his urge to help a bunny get up onto the ledge. As you can see, these amazing children let their hearts shine in the most special of ways. By being honest and genuine, they effect positive change all around them. As we grow older, we become accustomed to failure and are programmed to believe that this is the only life we can live. That we can’t affect other people. But children haven’t lost that faith yet.

They haven’t yet been taught to discriminate, to divide, to separate.

They just want to reach out and connect, no matter the age, race, social class, or gender. Be like these two, and let your love shine. .

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