These Incredible Street Art Pieces Tell A Disturbing & Uncomfortable Truth About Society

It’s truly becoming the culture of our times to feel comfortable with expressing something important for the world..

The key here is it’s not just for our individual selves, but for the world. People are telling their neighbours, their friends, their family, and even strangers that something is up and they need to know about it.

The sharing of alternate perceptions and the love that is at the core of it all is inspiring a collective change in consciousness and culture that is leading the way for a world we all dream of but still aren’t sure is possible. One can look at stunts like these and say, “So what? They have a message, but where are the solutions?” And they would have a point, but think of it this way: As these memes and ideas reach the masses and get into the minds of the creators and innovators of this world, new ideas based around an understanding and a new consciousness can emerge. Everyone plays a role! If some of us are to make art that touches people and gets them thinking differently, great. If some of us are in the streets demonstrating, great.

There will always be those who become infected with the consciousness and love required to forge new ideas, solutions, and action to make things happen in our physical world. This is why I believe we must look at each other with love and understanding rather than simply wanting to point out what’s not being done correctly or who’s not coming up with solutions and so forth. Somewhere along the lines people will be inspired, whether it be by that person in the street with a sign or by a book they read that showed them a new viewpoint. In either case, it’s all action that can spark change and the solutions our world needs. So here’s to those who do what they love. Who care about what they have to say and say it regardless of what people tell them. To those who are dialled in to their heart and soul and express it for the world to see. To those who are taking action without knowing the end goal but who realize something needs to be said NOW! We are all part of a collective and all affect each other in one way or another. Dream big... it’s happening every day. .

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