Think You Don’t Waste Water When You Shower? Guess Again!

How much water do you think you use when you shower? Whether you feel that you are quick to clean yourself off or know that you love to linger, we are all guilty of contributing to the global water crisis. It’s not that many of us intend to be wasteful, of course.

The problem is that most of us are completely unaware of how much water we consume, myself included. Enter Hydrao, the smart shower head that performs just like any other, but with the added feature of notifying us, as we shower, how much water we have consumed. Using a coloured lighting system, the Hydrao shower head gives us notice on particular litre landmarks, encouraging us to wrap up sooner than we previously would have. Check out the following video to better grasp the revolutionary shower head and to see it in action: As someone who has always loved the world of analytics, I was happy to come across the Hydrao shower head, since it offers live statistics on our contribution to a global issue. I’m sure that most of us have no intention to worsen the global water crisis, and this shower head is a wonderful tool to help us ensure that we do so as little as possible. As the video also mentions, it’s a system that is so easy to understand it even encourages children to do their part when showering, potentially turning shower length into a game or competition. In addition to its global benefits, shower heads like these can also benefit us all financially by helping us cut back on water and heating bills simply through awareness and action.

The Hydrao isn’t the only option out there; another one I came across is the Shower Manager, which uses water flow to control shower length based on time. And of course, this form of conscious and environmental action can also be done for free; with a timer and a little due diligence we can all monitor and change our shower lengths.

These may seem like small steps towards correcting a massive global issue, but our contributions do add up, and they make even more of an impact as we share our changes with our networks and communities. .

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