This Guy Drives Around Giving Drive-By Compliments. Great Reactions!
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This Guy Drives Around Giving Drive-By Compliments. Great Reactions!

We all have the power to make a difference and have our voice heard.
This Guy Drives Around Giving Drive-By Compliments. Great Reactions!

Thanks to megaphones our voices can become that much more prominent in many public settings to share truth or to spread an inspiring message. Blake Grigsby has done just that with a concept he has called ‘Drive By Compliments,’ which as the name suggests involves shouting compliments to random strangers while driving by them in a car. As Blake’s YouTube channel states the aim of his videos is to make us smile, both as a viewer and for those directly involved in his videos. You can watch part one of the series by clicking HERE, but here is the most recent part two of the ‘Drive By Compliments’ series, check it out: No matter how simple or even comical they may be, a simple compliment can go a long way in brightening up an individuals day, week or life -especially when they come about unexpectedly. Living in a world that so many of us regularly operate within individualized bubbles, where the majority of our so-called “connections” occur via social media or other technology platforms, personal interaction can be a very welcomed experience. As Blake’s video shows us we all have the power to interact with one another in positive ways and may just have a good time doing so. At Collective Evolution, we’ve used a megaphone on numerous occasions in the past, most notably to help run a couple of ‘Free Hug’ events in the heart of Downtown Toronto (watch a video from one of them HERE). Events like this have always been well-received and helped to brighten the day of many unexpected people. I encourage you all to use either Blake’s video or our own to inspire you to arrange something like this in your own community. Help to break down the barriers and fears that so many of us have developed and start building towards bringing us all together in a loving manner. .

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