This Hilarious Fake Commercial Makes A Strong Case That You Should Go Outside More Often
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This Hilarious Fake Commercial Makes A Strong Case That You Should Go Outside More Often

Prescription drug ads: we see them all the time, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in saying that at this point, they are hard to take seriously.
This Hilarious Fake Commercial Makes A Strong Case That You Should Go Outside More Often

While the motivation behind them is arguably well-intended, their similarity to one another in style and overall content can certainly be quite laughable. 99% of the time we are introduced to an individual suffering from something that is taking a toll on their ability to enjoy and experience life. Thankfully, this newly developed prescription medication is capable of remedying that, something that certainly seems wonderful, until, that is, we see the fine print.

The restrictions on who exactly can benefit from this miracle drug, and the overwhelming list of potential side effects, somehow seem to put a damper on things. So in order to avoid taking unwanted and side effect filled drugs we end up like this: Thankfully there is this thing called nature.. and it can work pretty well... with no side effects. I’d like to clarify that my intention with this article is not to mock the prescription drug industry (that’s an entirely different conversation), but instead to set the stage for the best spoof prescription ad I’ve ever seen.

The creative group at NatureRx have put together a comical commercial that we all need to see and share: What I particularly appreciate about the early work of the group at NatureRx is the extra step they are taking to back up their comical videos with science. Through their website, they link us to a number of scientific and informational pieces that further prove why we all need to take the time to reconnect with nature, both for ourselves and the betterment of the planet. In a supplementary video the group put together to explain their campaign, they uniquely show us how nature has a marketing problem. Despite all of the apparent global issues hitting us in the face, we continue to abuse our planet, and they are hoping to finally market the importance of our changing that by encouraging us to connect with nature. I personally love the concept behind NatureRx and hope that this article will further help spread awareness about the work that they are doing, and more importantly, the message they hope to deliver. .

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