This Video Has Over 15 Million Views For A Reason: Our Addiction To Cell Phones

There is a reason that this two minute video has amassed over 15 million views in just a few days.It’s powerful, thought provoking and revealing.

. This is a must see clip about our modern day addiction to cell phones. Videos like this one are great for us to step out of our own shoes and observe ourselves from a different perspective. When we observe ourselves in such a manner, our inner voice becomes much clearer, speaks louder and our perception about the way we operate can completely transform. This video is strictly about cell phones, but imagine ourselves stepping out of our shoes and observing our thoughts, actions and behaviour on a daily basis, we don’t need a video to do this. We might just see how programmed we’ve become here on Earth. Related articles: Your favourite cell phone might be harming your health Electromagnetic fields and how they affect our health .

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