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Three Manifestations for Autumn

Spells and manifestations for autumn are surefire ways to welcome the season’s energy into your space, life, and self.

Three Manifestations for Autumn

From the times of myth and legend, changing seasons have been said to bring changes to one’s life. Today, I’m here to lead you through exercises that will help you manifest your ideal autumn life and give back to the universe for all she does for us.

The modern era is surprisingly welcoming to witchcraft. Media has helped to shape practitioners away from the Satanist stereotypes that followed us through the old ages. Now, witches are funny or pretty or just plain powerful beings who can change their own reality through herbs, magical tools, and intention. When practicing spellwork, knowing your limits and intentions is essential. Wishing harm to anyone will undoubtedly backfire, especially if you take action to ensure such things occur. Similarly, not taking enough action when manifesting may result in a LACK of results. Magic is a fine line to walk. You must be sure of yourself and your wants for your manifestations and spells to take effect. Take this advice to heart, and let us learn of some spells and manifestations to welcome autumn. Simmer Pots are a fantastic way to protect your home, yourself, and invite positive energy into your life. Many witches use this method yearly to cleanse a space and add a pleasant scent to the homestead.

The base of a simmer pot can be anything liquid: purified water (I like to use sun or moon water prepped days in advance), juice, coffee– whatever you think would add power to your wish. After that, you can mix and match a variety of herbs to create pleasing scents, purified air, and a great vessel to carry your manifestations to the universe. Here’s a Autumn Simmer Pot recipe I use to sweeten up my living space and invite pleasant energies: In a cast iron pot (or any suitable small soup pot you have on hand), pour in your favored water– I recommend a powerful full moon or afternoon sun water. Before turning on the heat, stock the pot with any number of these herbs and fruit: Stay connected on special events, classes, and savings. 15% OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE Once you are satisfied with your mix of herbs, put the heat on low and allow this pot to simmer for a few hours. Never leave the pot unattended, though! Check on it every half hour or so to ensure the water has not evaporated and the herbs are not burning. With this herbal simmer pot, you can easily manifest all your desires for the autumn season and freshen up your kitchen with a delicious-smelling concoction. Oak trees begin dropping their acorns around September. By October, parks and yards are littered with these adorable seeds. Many witches will use acorns as offerings for their altars, while others may turn them into jewelry or small storage containers. Regardless, working with a firm intention will turn any activity into spellwork. Here’s a manifestation you can make using acorns! For this Acorn Manifestation, you will need: After making sure your acorns are hole-free, and each has its little caps on, take your push pin and dig a small hole through the top knob of the acorn cap. Repeat this until you have a hole in each acorn cap. With each hole you make, imagine your intent seep into the very being of the acorn. You are filling each seed with your wish, imagining that once you have finished adding all the holes, each acorn carries a piece of your manifestation. Finally, string the acorns together and hang them from a window or doorway.

The acorns are carriers for your manifestation, and by letting them hang in a window, they can seep your intent out into the universe. Never take the most minor parts of autumn for granted: they can be used for great things. This is a wonderful way to create natural wind chimes, bead curtains, and more decor! Finally, one of the best ways to manifest is by using candles. Flame magic has been alive for centuries now, and all human beings understand the destructive and great power even a small fire can hold. This power is perfect for spell crafting. This Flame Release Manifestation Spell is easy to do and requires only the following tools: Take your desired candle in one hand and your push pin in the other. Close your eyes and empty your mind however is easiest for you until you are only aware of what you wish to manifest. Imagine your wish is a symbol, twisting and turning into something you can draw. Many witches will take the name of their wish and turn the letters into a single symbol by combining them together; others will follow their gut and draw the first symbol that comes to mind. Regardless, keep your symbol free-form and easy to etch. Once you have the symbol in your mind, carve it into the side of the candle. To make the symbol stand out, you can use ash from incense or dirt and rub it into the etching. Once satisfied with your candle’s appearance, take a small dish of your desired herb and roll your candle base in the mixture. You can wet or melt the base of the candle a tad bit to ensure the herbs stick. Finally, place the candle somewhere safe and light it. Focus all your intentions on the flame and keep the candle lit until it burns down. With that, you’ve created a potent candle manifestation. From candles to tarot to books, the tools of manifestation are right at your fingertips. Magic exists within all of us, and here at The Alchemist’s Kitchen, we hope you are able to harness that magic through our aid. Take these spells and these tools and create a new reality for yourself. If you’re interested in more classes related to magic, the world, and more, check out our Eventbrite. We offer many ways for manifestations to take, so sign up wherever you can and discover a new world waiting for you! Frankie Kavakich is a published prose and poetry writer and a practicing witch whose love for the occult and horror permeates their everyday life. For eight years, they have studied a variety of practices including kitchen witchery, chaos magick, divination, manifestation, and brujería. Within their writing, Frankie features numerous topics ranging from ghosts and spirits to the importance of community and reliance on nature's bounty.

Their great grandmother Nilda was a healer from the rain forests of Puerto Rico, and Frankie is endlessly inspired by the gentle hands and kind hearts of their ancestors.

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