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Tollovid and Plant-Based Health During The Pandemic

Our CEO, Lou Sagar sat down with Dr.

Tollovid and Plant-Based Health During The Pandemic

Dorit Arad, Ph.D., of Todos Medical to educate the consumer on the integration of pharmaceuticals like Tollovid and plant-based health for a proactive approach to combating Covid-19. Tollovid is available in-store and online. Watch their full conversation HERE. Dr. Dorit – “I’ve been working on the research of anti-viral drug compounds for three decades already... my main focus in the research was an enzyme – a target for an anti-virus.

The target was 3CL Protease ... which is the target for Tollovid. Tollovid inhibits this [3CL Protease]. This is the main enzyme responsible for the reproduction of the virus.... Back then – I worked on the common cold.... I was working on the mechanism of the enzyme and on ways to inhibit it by assuming that by inhibiting this enzyme, it will inhibit the whole reproduction of the virus and stop the reproduction and let the immune system deal with the virus... Dr. Dorit – “The vaccines are great if the virus would not mutate.

The viruses are mutating and the vaccine is directed to [one iteration of] compound spikes..

The vaccine is only reproducing [the current version] of the spike protein. Tollovid is different because we are targeting the heart of the enzyme mechanism... which does not change. I think Tollovid could be used together or with the gaps between vaccine [versions]... “ Todos: “What happens with Covid if you have a good immune system is the Covid infects and reproduces very quickly until the immune system realizes that something is wrong and it is sending all its powers and creates Cytokine storms ** a term for essentially hyper inflammation that occurs when the immune system releases excessive or uncontrolled pro-inflammatory cytokines** When the immune system finds it in time... it’s okay.

The most dangerous thing in Covid is when the immune system attacks itself...

The preventative role of Tollovid is letting the immune system get used to the virus... I suggest taking Tollovid whenever there is a risk of infection or when you feel the slightest symptoms. “ The Alchemist's Kitchen is dedicated to connecting you with the power of plants. We believe strongly in the education and instruction on the use of all whole plant formulations and herbal remedies.

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