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Tulsi Gabbard’s Take On Trump’s Impeachment Has An Important Conscious Takeaway

After the House voted to impeach President Trump, Tulsi Gabbard shared some thoughts on the process that is worthy of reflection for everyone.

Tulsi Gabbard’s Take On Trump’s Impeachment Has An Important Conscious Takeaway

Are we truly leed by leaders? Is a change in leadership even going to create meaningful change? Or are our systems and consciousness the greater creator of the challenges we see today? After the House voted to impeach Trump on Dec 18th, 2019, Tulsi Gabbard released some thoughts on her view of impeachment, as well as how she voted in that process.

There is an important metaphysical takeaway here that humanity can really benefit from reflecting on. Remember, politics is merely a physical manifestation of our current level of consciousness. It’s here to show us something during this time of intense transition, not be something we put all our energy into. If you enter into and believe in the legitimacy of the circus of politics then it’s true, you are believing in the circus. Is the circus wrong or bad? No, it is what it is, a process we call politics that is built to divide people and take away their individual empowerment. Sure, in theory politicians are supposed to be mere representatives of people, but when has that actually been the case? Where is the evidence of this? The truth is, the evidence all points to the fact that for decades, perhaps centuries, politics is and has always been working for a specific small group of “elite” people.

These are the real unelected officials that run our world. Politics is merely an illusion that must be broken within the minds and hearts of people. We must wake up from the trick the matrix is playing on us, see what the system truly is, understand who we truly are within this world, and wake up to what we can do to change our lives moving forward.

The CE Protocol has long discussed this necessary step of breaking the illusion in order to begin to see the truth. What we see happening in our world is a spiritual/metaphysical process. What I found particularly important about Tulsi’s words here was the fact that she was exposing the partisan nature of this impeachment process, and how the process is simply politicking by the opposite political party. A Trump impeachment is very much about campaigning for these people. It’s not necessarily about doing what’s best for people, it’s simply what’s doing best for the politicians and their masters. Furthermore, Gabbard is illustrating the mindset politicians have in making decisions for the people, as opposed to letting people make decisions themselves. We have long discussed here on CE that something about Trump’s presidency has been ‘scary’ for a powerful faction of the shadow government. Some seem very threatened by him, and this hasn’t happened like this in the past. It’s not to say Trump is the saviour defeating this faction as much as it is to say we’re seeing a power struggle. It is nearly impossible to take a step back, really observe, and not come to the conclusion that something is happening amongst the ‘elite’ rulers that isn’t business as usual. Is it best for humanity? That’s a long and complex discussion, but in short, it’s a chance for us to see more clearly how our world is functioning. In that process, we must wake up, gain personal empowerment, pull the power we have given away to ‘leaders’, and begin living our lives in a new way. This is an awakening. Not an awakening characterized by the Q movement, but an awakening of consciousness that goes far beyond leaders and politics as we know them today. We are in a process of humans having to face the collective shadows that are our political world, economic systems, infrastructures of division and scarcity, and even facing things like the rampant sex trafficking and child abuse that goes on at these levels... Epstein. Prince Andrew etc. Modern pop spirituality will have you believe looking at this stuff is negative, not worth our time and that we should focus only on what’s good. But is this not just burying our heads in the sand and disengaging from the world around us? The meditation, yoga, daily practices and so forth are merely there to help process these collective traumas and realizations we are seeing and working through, they are not an escape from it. Remember, what we see happening in our world is a spiritual/metaphysical process. Let’s have a listen to Tulsi’s thoughts. Due to the pressure of mass censorship, we now have our own censorship-free, and ad-free on demand streaming network! It is the world's first and only conscious media network streaming mind-expanding interviews, news broadcasts, and conscious shows. Click here to start a FREE 7-Day Trial and watch 100's of hours of conscious media videos, that you won't see anyw.

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