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TX Voter Blasts Democrat Policies Hurting Nation: 'We've Seen Enough'

FORT WORTH, Texas – A large crowd came to support Gov.Greg Abbott (R) on Tuesday and one voter said Americans are fed up with Democrat policies hurting the nation.

TX Voter Blasts Democrat Policies Hurting Nation: 'We've Seen Enough'

. United States Navy Vietnam veteran Bob Hoffman told Breitbart News he believes a red wave is coming on November 8 as Americans head out to vote in the midterm elections. “I think we’ve seen enough of politics in Washington and I think we’ve seen enough of what Joe Biden and the Democrats stand for. Me personally, I go to the gas pump and grocery shopping and it’s over the top,” he said. Hoffman also commented on former President Donald Trump’s time in office, saying he kept his promises. “At the pump gas prices were down, the economy was doing better, the wall was being built, and everything came to a halt when Joe Biden came into office,” Hoffman said. Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of several different issues, according to a recent survey from the Economist and YouGov. “Biden’s overall approval is under water, as 51 percent disapprove of his job performance, and 42 percent approve. Of those who disapprove, 38 percent do so ‘strongly,'” Breitbart News reported Friday. Meanwhile, voter Terry Lehmann voiced concern over the crime wave sweeping the nation, saying that even where she lives in the countryside it is not safe. “I think we have a better chance with Gov. Abbott to have crime put under control because he’s more strict on crime control and not letting people out for no reason,” she commented. Lehmann said Abbott’s Democrat challenger, Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, is “very soft on crime” and “He’s gonna let people out so... I do prison ministry and I know there’s some guys who should not be out.” Terry Lehmann, Elizabeth Craver (Amy Furr/Breitbart News) Abbott currently leads O’Rourke in the state’s gubernatorial race, according to a recent UTTyler survey. When it came to the current economic struggles, Elizabeth Craver, who brought her son to meet Gov. Abbott, said she has had to change her spending habits. “My husband’s a truck driver. We haven’t seen raises in I don’t know how long and things are going up and we’re having to budget even more,” she said. “It’s hard as a single income household, being able to buy the things we need and inflation just keeps going up and up and up and up and up.”.

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