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UK Government’s Covid-19 Inquiry – Frightened of the Truth?

UK Government’s Covid-19 Inquiry – Frightened of the Truth?

I hate to sound immodest but the last few years have proved beyond any doubt that I know more about covid-19 and the associated and infamous `vaccine’ than anyone working for the Government, the British Medical Association or the media (particularly the BBC).

Look back at the thousands of articles and videos I produced in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 and you will see that my warnings and predictions were far more accurate than anything produced by the medical establishment, the armies of TV `experts’ and the Government’s own advisors.

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By Dr. Vernon Coleman

At the start of this hoax, I was better qualified to comment on the covid-19 fraud than anyone. Before I was banned from all media (including all social media and much of the internet) I was the world’s leading expert on drug side effects, iatrogenesis and vaccine problems.

And so, I sent two of my books (‘Coming Apocalypse’ and ‘Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History) to the UK’s official covid inquiry – the UK Covid-19 Public Inquiry.

Coming Apocalypse’ was written and published in April 2020 and contains my first appraisal of the fraud.

Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History’ contains the transcripts of the videos I made between March 2020 and September 2020. All of those videos were watched by millions but were banned. The book, over 500 pages long, also contains all the articles I wrote in that period. (The book itself was banned for a long time and has only recently become available again.)

The inquiry acknowledged receipt of the books. And informed me that “a member of the inquiry will contact me if they require further information.” (The note I received was addressed to `Dear Sir/Madam’.)

But that’s all.

The people who got everything wrong have all been invited to give evidence.

But, as I expected, I’ve been snubbed.

The only logical conclusion is that the covid inquiry isn’t interested in finding the truth or exposing the fraud.

What a surprise.

The covid-19 fraud cost British taxpayers huge sums. It has been estimated in the mainstream media that the early cost of the chaotic and wasteful testing programme etc etc was over £6,000 per person. I have no idea if this is true but it seems possible. And, of course, the costs continue because the £6,000 a head doesn’t include the costs of ruined businesses, ruined education and ruined health care. Millions of people in Britain will die as a result of the disgraceful and pointless policies followed by healthcare leaders – the lockdowns, the PCR test, the toxic vaccine, the pointless masks, the senseless social distancing schemes and so on.

Now, millions more will be spent to allow those involved to excuse their errors, their ignorance, their stupidity and their corruption.

If the promoters of this fraud really want to convince the world that they are right then they have to allow a proper open debate.

But, of course, they daren’t do that. If they allow me to give evidence to the Covid Inquiry then I will expose their lies and the fraud will be over.

However, they’re in an impossible situation, for if they continue to suppress the truth-tellers then the inquiry, like the Government, the media and the medical establishment will soon lose all credibility.

Featured image: UK Covid inquiry: public health bosses relied on media for information, The Guardian, 15 July 2023 (left).  ‘Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History’ book cover (right).

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