UK Govt Pressed Biden on One-Sided Failure to Ease Travel Restrictions
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UK Govt Pressed Biden on One-Sided Failure to Ease Travel Restrictions

A frustrated Boris Johnson had to press Joe Biden over his failure to act on a pledge to ease travel restrictions on British citizens, months after Britain did the same for American citizens.
UK Govt Pressed Biden on One-Sided Failure to Ease Travel Restrictions

The 78-year-old Democrat promised action on easing restrictions on America’s mother country after speaking with Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the Johnson-hosted G7 summit in June, but had failed to follow through until now. The delay frustrated businesses and caused irritation in London ahead of the British leader touching down in America on Sunday — as a senior politician Johnson is of course treated differently than regular people — to attend the United Nations General Assembly, where vaccination requirements and so on will all be waived for world leaders. “The Prime Minister will make an impassioned case for Brits who’ve been double jabbed to be allowed to travel to the U.S.

There are a lot of family links, business links and millions of tourists usually travel every year,” a senior government source told The Telegraph, a right-leaning newspaper which is close to the Johnson administration, prior to the announcement by the Prime Minister that Biden was finally following through. Despite erroneous media descriptions of pro-mass migration, pro-amnesty Johnson as a “British Trump”, he has attempted to inveigle himself with President Biden from the outset of his administration, grovelling that “America is unreservedly back as the leader of the free world and that is a fantastic thing” — but relations began to sour as the months went on.

The British government was particularly unimpressed with Biden’s incompetent handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal and his neglect of allied nations, with Johnson himself reportedly unable to reach the elderly Democrat for over 24 hours as Kabul fell to the Taliban. When the President did take a break from his Camp David getaway to address the crisis, London was dismayed by his “completely mad” press conferences, with government ministers and aides saying he “looked gaga” and “doolally” — colourful British expressions with roughly the same meaning as “deranged”. .

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