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UK’s “Daily Covid Deaths” didn’t die in one day & didn’t all have Covid

UK’s “Daily Covid Deaths” didn’t die in one day & didn’t all have Covid

The UK’s NHS England has been reporting “daily deaths” since back in March, and the media have been eagerly repeating them, drumming up fear just as the SAGE memos told them too.

Granted, the UK media don’t talk much about deaths anymore, since they have slowed to a trickle, instead they focus on the thousands of symptomless “cases” being generated by the massively unreliable tests. But, when they do talk about deaths, it’s always “daily deaths”.

These numbers have always been meaningless, as anyone who bothers to read the daily statistical reports can tell you. We reported on that months ago. To absolutely no one’s surprise, they are still doing it.

But, if they are going to be repetitive, we have to do likewise. Exposing this numbers shell-game is the best way to wake people up to just how they’re being manipulated.

September 23rd’s report is a perfect example. (available here). This was reported as 30 people dying in 24 hours, but if you read the actual report it says the deaths are spread out over several days, and no more than SIX deaths were reported in any 24 hour period. One of the these 30 “daily deaths” happened on August the 13th.

The “daily deaths” count includes people who died over a month ago.

But it gets better. Right there on the front page, it says they include deaths where…

A positive test result for COVID-19 was not received but COVID-19 is mentioned on their death certificate

Yes, the “daily covid deaths” include people who were never tested. There’s seven of them. Roughly one quarter of the total.

To sum up the situation:

NHS England’s “daily Covid deaths” didn’t all happen in one day, and probably didn’t all have Covid.

This is not at all new information to anybody who has been paying attention, but it bears repeating. They are clearly going out of their way to manipulate the numbers.

People need to be shown this so they will naturally ask the follow-up question: Why would they want to do that?

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