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Unconditional Surrender

Unconditional Surrender

I know I am beating a dead horse here, but I am still fuming about The Atlantic article from October 2022. How dare they?! I am also a bit perturbed by all the folks prematurely declaring victory over this totalitarian abomination.

I know many of you who read my work think I am way too dark about all of this, and that I should acknowledge all of the incredible headway we have made. I mean, really…lots of wonderful stuff ICAN is doing, and Bob Kennedy with Children’s Health Defense, Dr. Kory and Dr. Marik with the FLCCC, America’s Front Line Doctors, on and on.

Tireless, I know. And I do not question their efficacy.

But…we are not there yet folks, and in my dark Dr. Doom opinion, nowhere near it.

The WEF and WHO have not skipped a beat carrying out their agendas although DAVOS didn’t seem to go as smoothly as they had hoped, they all still march on.

Digital IDs, Pandemic Treaties, which put global control in the hands of a couple of unelected officials, plans to replace physical currency with a digital currency (CBDC) (don’t kid yourself, this has horrendous consequences). Closer to every day living level, we have a return to mask mandates showing up as “suggestions” in various places and we hear the PM of New Zealand boasting that he will hunt down the unvaccinated and give them the jab.

I could go on, but I would run out of my allotted words pretty quickly. As I have said before, you don’t have to pull back the sheets too far to expose all the bedbugs you can’t see on the surface. They are all still there, waiting to chew you up good.

We can’t expect sheeple to see them. There are plenty on the surface as well, at least there were over the past few years, and the sheeple can’t see them either. So there is no way we can expect them to see the millions of those buggers who are carrying on their business under the sheets. But we can see them. And feel them biting and sucking our blood. We are like the kid in the movie Sixth Sense. We see dead people, only these people we see are not dead, they are very much alive, and they are destroying our world very quickly.

Just like bedbugs, they are difficult to get rid of. They go underground, they hide, they come out under the protection of night. “Night” in this case is the use of deception and lies to entice people to not notice what they are really doing. Distractions. Carrots. Candy bars (quite literally when it comes to manipulating our children).

Note again The Atlantic article on amnesty.

They offer olive branches, “oh, we didn’t know the vaccines were dangerous, we were just trying to help.” Limited Hangout.

Soon people are going to start getting slaps on the wrists—fall guys. Or even a few people getting heftier reprimands just so it looks like “they are taking care of their own and punishing who needs to be punished.” The Atlantic article makes it clear, certainly at this early point in the process, that they will give as little as they can get away with and admit no wrong doing. That may change, they may at some point give a bit more, but they will never voluntarily give what they need to give to fix this (well, it will never be fixed.)

What will at least come close to fixing it? Unconditional surrender. We cannot take any prisoners.

I am not a big one for capital punishment. I don’t believe killing someone for wrongdoing really accomplishes much of anything other than a certain closure to those who have been wronged. In certain cases I would be on board with this. But there is a lot you can do on the way to correcting a situation before you hang someone or inject them or fry them. And this correction needs to be massive.

I am afraid that many of us are so forgiving, and are so shell-shocked, they will be satisfied with the tiniest victories. Very much like they already are. I can’t see how this sort of response is going to completely kill this many-headed hydra. The bedbugs have to be entirely annihilated, there cannot be a single one standing, or else the colony will come right back.

The system is so deeply corrupt. And I am not just talking about government, or corporate America, or the US educational system, or law enforcement, or the CIA, all this, yes, but even the deepest of moral foundations has nearly entirely collapsed. It has all turned into a slurry of ugliness, hatred, and indecency. We are losing our souls. More accurately, many are giving their souls away in exchange for hit after hit of artificial euphoria.

Euphoria found either in the form of material acquisition in a blindingly consumer-oriented culture, or euphoria found in the form of the threat/resolution, threat/resolution, repetitive cycle that churns on endlessly. Read Orwell’s 1984 for a chilling example of how all of this works.

To “fix” this entire system, and the swill it sits on, probably requires armageddon. Not a pretty solution, but possibly the only option we have unless people take action very quickly. And of course if there is some sort of divine intervention, things could change for the positive more quickly and efficiently. But don’t count on that. We humans typically have to get ourselves out of our own messes. Although I am pretty certain God intervenes quite often and keeps things from getting much worse—things are always capable of getting much worse.

So lets rule out depending on God to get us out of this, and lets also rule out going into Mad Max or Terminator mode. What then would this great reckoning look like? I don’t think we can get away with it being simple. I also doubt if any sort of revolution will heat up to the point it needs to in order to burn out all the bedbugs hiding in the mattress. We may have to experience something much worse than we already have from the powers that be to get the heat high enough. And I don’t think it will be a complete failure if the infestation isn’t 100% cleared out with just one blast of heat. The body has to survive, even if all of the cancer is removed through radical means. We may have to do this in stages.

The first stage in this reckoning would entail a complete removal of any of the major players in this whole affair, including trials, prosecutions, and sentencing. This has to be unabashedly public so there is no one on the planet who has any doubt as to what has happened. This would be logically followed by a wide-ranging rebuild of the public health system, including the CDC, FDA, NIAID, etc.

Of course there would be many stages to follow. So many, if one is to get to the core of the fundamental issues, it makes my head spin. Certainly this IS an opportunity to start creating something new and meaningful, but it has to start with an unconditional surrender and an end to the global movement toward totalitarianism. That can only start with a comprehensive admission to guilt and wrongdoing by all those guilty of these crimes against humanity.


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